CRM workflow management

5 Kapture CRM workflow features for improved productivity

CRM workflow management

Most high-performing employees are taken aback by the idea of establishing a central workflow management system.

For most employees, CRM-based workflows mean that one’s work remains open to constant scrutiny and evaluation by your bosses and colleagues. It’s also associated with constant process handovers and lack of continuity.

With Kapture CRM Workflow management, we are addressing these core misconceptions to address daily processes. By creating a more efficient process flow, you can streamline and integrate each process to your on-going project. This enables your employees to be more efficient and productive at their approach.

Maintain Daily Plans and Work Arrangement

Commonly aired complaint, lacking clear deliverable and maintaining project timings remains a constant hassle that affects project workflow.

Under Kapture CRM, all work concerned with a specific schedule could be assigned to a specific date.

For example, a particular meeting could be assigned on a particular date and you can set reminders on these particular dates. This helps you make new plans to cover these particular obligations.

CRM workflow tools

Simultaneously, you can go-on arranging new meetings. All these makes optimal use of inbuilt CRM workflow features.

By means of pre-meditated plans and goal setting, you can create an effective strategy for an efficient workflow. This also lets you manage work approvals and project streamlining in an easy and direct way.

Kapdesk – Update and manage all Data through a Single Server

Kapdesk acts as a single place to manage and save all business data. Unlike Google drive, accesses to all the specific folders are decided based on authentic user profiles. You need not specifically share files with each specific user.

CRM-based workflow management

This enables you to avoid unhelpful interruptions to your workflow, creating a unified and streamlined data management. It also avoids possible interruptions to your workflow through availing documents through central pin-point.

As these data are managed through a central repository, you can authenticate each particular data update.

Create Employee Groups and Plans

Kapture CRM employee groups allow you to utilize work segmentation principle to increase overall productivity. By segmenting total work into a number of concerned segments, you can increase the total output and improve effectiveness.

CRM ticketing tool

Similarly, by creating specific employee zones you can have more flexibility and versatility at undertaking field work.

CRM product workflow

This CRM workflow feature creates a solution for all your scheduling and workforce utilization issues.

Ticketing and Pending Task Management

If your project is going on a well-oiled course, each of your duties could fall into place as it goes…

In a practical scenario, some incomplete processes or bugs could accumulate into a bigger issue that blocks your progress.
CRM ticketing tool

With CRM ticketing, all your pending tasks could be assigned a priority according to client communication and degree of significance.

This enables you to take the most effective state of progression, eliminating unimportant steps. You can also get intimations for incomplete tasks after a certain time limit, automatically elevating the priority to the next level.

Add and Edit Workforce

For every organization, adding and removing employees is a part of normal life-cycle.

With CRM, you can find the most efficient form of adding and editing new employees within an existing workflow.

This also lets you include new employees to your existing workflow, enabling you to minimize imbalances due to wrong team handling and attrition.

Workflow management system

You can also establish a clear team and employee hierarchy for each location. This lets you clearly establish the team hierarchy to manage team responsibilities.

By creating an optimal workflow, you can combine multiple business aspects without indulging at conflicting decisions.

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