Customer Service Automation

Customer Service Automation: Simplified and Explained

Customer Service Automation

If you have heard about customer service automation, you might think of them as a buzzword used by businesses trying to make themselves look ultra-sophisticated.

But the truth can’t be more different.

Small and large businesses alike are adapting customer service automation into their different support activities. This allows businesses to cut-back on the lead response time, improve customer interactions and generally acquire a more satisfied customer-base.

Now, let’s think about what necessitates customer support automation.

How service automation makes a difference?

In the recent years, the customer support has become the most validated arena for competition.

For every call dropped or unresolved, there is a definite price to be paid by your business. With the increasing focus on customer service, businesses now take any issue at their customer support with the same level of seriousness as a bug in their product or service.

If your business offers a sub-optimal customer service experience, your competitors’ could easily overtake your business by hailing the customer service as the biggest USP of their entire product line.

On the other hand, if you focus on building a base of satisfied customers, you could retain and build on your existing customer base.

shutterstock_223247491-minWith this in mind, a successful business needs to take adequate care at ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction across the board.

A service automation software has become associated with streamlining and managing this entire scope of responsibilities.

In this blog, we’ll see how we can apply customer service automation to manage service operations and its positive impact on modern business operations.


As eager customers are looking for faster solutions, they resort to avail the expertise of the customer service team. This means that the service team should be rather well-equipped with managing a large and diverse type of customer enquiries.

A customer service automation software allows you to set-up automation rules that assigns the most appropriate action for each inbound customer enquiry.

In short, a customer service system receives all customer enquiries within a cloud-based system. Afterward, you need to acquire the most optimal way to acquire resolution for each enquiry.

Enter customer service automation rules.

You can set-up a diverse number of automation rules to streamline each customer enquiry in the most optimal way of resolving each issue. Here are few automation rules that allow you to streamline and manage customer enquiries in the most optimal fashion.

Here are a few service automation rules that help you accelerate the entire customer management operations.

Priority Rule:- Universally, for almost every business, there are VVIP and VIP customers. In the real-life, these customers would be preferred ahead of an average customer. By setting-up customer service automation rules, you can effectively prioritize the right issue to be assigned to the right customer service rep.

Routing rule:- As per this rule, all the enquiries coming-in into a particular contact number or email would be assigned to a particular agent or team of agents. This allows you to streamline enquiries as per the individual or team expertise.

Spam rule:- All emails from your ex-customers or marked spam emails would be routed to a spam or trash folder. No more time wasted on reviewing bad email messages.

Automated responder rule – Set-up automated responder emails to respond to all inbound customer emails. This allows you to respond to all your customer emails. By having a customer service CRM, you can set-up an automated responder rule for each specific email.

By having a set of service automation rules, you can take the most proactive steps to resolve each customer issue. In this way, you are able to receive, correspond and respond to resolutions in an easy way.

Service automation streamlines operations

Essentially, a Customer Service automation system enables service teams to create precise and practical automation rules to filter and segment customer emails.

It organizes your client queries into a dashboard with inbuilt storage to find resolutions at earliest. It can also intimate you about latest inquiries, giving you a head-start among the competition.

A good Automation system collects queries from private chat and social media streams, streamlining all queries to a dashboard. Afterward, you could possibly find a solution from an existing database, or seek help at the easiest way.

With every customer being a significant part of a long-term relationship, it could incrementally improve your business standings. You can also have a lesser team to handle a higher workload.

A service automation system helps a team with lesser team strength to handle a high workload. But some business overload for customer meaning that they could oversight for handling large customers with lesser time.

In this sense, the customer service automation system creates an easy and direct way to handle a large volume of customer enquiries.

This enables organizations to come up with precise and amicable solutions to resolve a diverse range of client issues.

Check out the video below to get an idea about the impact of customer service on your business operation.

Benefits of customer Automation Support System

In a world of business, where everything works based on ROI equations, you might need to have the right perspective about automation benefits to your business.

In case you are wondering whether to upgrade your service experience, these key benefits could remove your existing doubts about automation systems.

Improving your Customer experience across interactions

Steve jobs build one of the biggest brands in the world based on the philosophy of providing high value across every interaction with a prospective brand. Every customer interactions increase the value of the Apple brand. This isn’t limited to a specific product or service.

For this objective, Steve Jobs went as far as renting out prime real estate and setting-up service centers known as ‘Genius-bars’.

As a result, Apple customers are usually loyal and stay with the company for the long-term. This will help you to provide a regular increment to their service experience across various points.

In this place, a helpdesk software can help you role your customer service after apple at a fraction of the cost. This allows you to provide improved customer experience across multiple interaction points. In turn, you can enable your program towards getting a totally immersive experience for your business.

Differentiate your Business

When customers are deciding between multiple competitors between multiple clients in a limited time, having superior customer support is a difference maker. It’s also an effective way to differentiate your business.

This feature is most applicable to the B2C industry, where customers are looking for a fast solution. A business with a reputation for better customer support is always easily distinguished and approved by customers. It brings free exposure and endorsement by adding value to your business.

Create a positive word-of-mouth publicity

Perhaps only next to product experience, word-of-mouth publicity carries the most impact on influencing the buying decisions of your customers.

Unlike the physical world, the online word of mouth publicity in the digital world is mainly reflected on different 3rd party forums, review websites and social platforms. In a tightly knit digital community, the voice of appreciation or dissidence has the capacity to spread much more rapidly and widely.

With this in mind, almost all business needs to maintain an overall positive image of the different digital forums. This will help you gain a new customer and achieve a wider customer base.

Getting to Increase value of each Customer

For a business, each customer carries a dollar value attached to each and every customer. Businesses that are able to increase this overall dollar value will be able to generate more revenue.

As per studies, the satisfied customers are found to contribute 14 times as much more revenue. This means that customers should take due care at achieving higher levels of satisfaction among its customers.

A customer support software lets you manage your different customer interactions and resultantly achieve a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Store each feedback on the Cloud drive

Most businesses struggle to manage and segregate their collective reviews through a single platform. Without a customer service management platform, you would need to collect data and turn them into reports to gain an overall picture of your customer feedback.

But through an integrated review collecting mechanism, you can collect and showcase multiple reviews.

A customer service platform lets you collect feedback as a part of every customer interactions. By directly collecting NPS (net promoter score) metric, you can directly aggregate and review the overall customer satisfaction.

In this way, it gets easier to acquire and manage feedback for a specific customer problem.


At present, the customers expect their businesses to go above and beyond their expectations. This simply means that business can’t let a single bad experience turn sour an entire business relationship.

At kapture CRM, we provide customer service CRM with custom automation rules to improve the way you manage your customers.

A customer service automation CRM helps you comprehensively manage all the intricate details associated with your daily customer operations. At kapture CRM, we provide customer service CRM with custom automation rules to improve your customer management.

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