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SSO (Single Sign-On) is an authentication and authorisation method that enables a user to access various enterprise-grade applications using a single set of login credentials (username and password) via a single platform. SSO allows a user to access all of their help desk support apps by entering their login credentials (username, password, etc.) once on a single page.

Simplify your agent experience

How does it work?

An authentication token that retains the user's verification status. Any app that the user accesses will consult the SSO service. An authentication token is a piece of digital data saved in the user's browser or on the servers of the SSO service, similar to a temporary ID card provided to the user. The SSO service sends the app the user's authentication token, and the user is granted access.

Eliminate the need of remembering and entering multiple passwords.

SSO gives IT administrators specific rights that allow them to monitor, manage and safeguard user identification
Data Security

Safe and secured system

Admin can keep one strong password that can be used to access all the platforms. Because users only log in once per day using one set of credentials it makes it more secured from getting hacked. Reducing the number of login credentials to one enhances organizational security.

Less internal tickets

Save time for your administrators

SSO gives IT administrators specific rights that allow them to monitor, manage, and safeguard user identification and access from a single location. SSO system allow users to update their own passwords, removing the requirement for IT intervention.


Take customer data that’s exclusive to your business and make it your own by integrating your
contact center, service center, and field force all on one perfect platform.

Unified password

Convenient end-user experience

No need to remember fifteen passwords to input throughout the day, each with its unique length, complexity, and expiration date. Your agents will spend less time handling lost credentials and more time addressing customer issues with a single password to regulate them all.


Why Kapture?

Kapture is amazing at every brand touchpoint

AI assistant for agents

An AI-powered assistant for agents to get quick and accurate solutions for a smooth customer experience.


Simple and easy to use

A user-friendly interface to navigate through all the learning materials for a seamless learning process.


Plug and play integrations

Seamless and fast integration with all third-party platforms for a seamless SSO experience.


Dedicated account manager

Account manager to resolve all your queries after the implementation process.


Fully assisted data migration

We make sure every bit of your data is safely and securely migrated into your new system.


In-house implementation

An in-house team that makes your SSO service automation system up and running in no time.



What are the advantages of having a Single Sign On(SSO) help desk?


Some of the key advantages of having a Single Sign- On help deak are - Fewer Logins - While logging in does not take long, the time does mount up, and each login creates another opportunity for error. Reduced IT Calls - With just one set of credentials to remember, users contact IT less frequently for password resets or credential recovery. Fewer Distractions - Users aren't distracted by several requests for login credentials as they switch programmes. Easier Access Management - Credentials for numerous apps are managed using a single graphical user interface, making it easier to add and revoke user rights. Increased Security - Because users don't have to remember many passwords, it's easy to encourage them to create more safe passwords.


Is SSO help desk secured and easy to use?


For both users and administrators, a single sign-on solution may make username and password administration easier. Users no longer need to memorise several sets of credentials and may instead remember a single more difficult password. SSO frequently allows users to have faster access to their apps.
SSO can also reduce the amount of time the help desk spends serving users who have forgotten their passwords. Administrators may centrally manage password complexity and multi-factor authentication (MFA).
This makes SSO secured and simple to use for both the agents and the admins.