Customer Feedback - The most important thing in 2021

Customer Feedback: The Most Important Thing in 2021

Businesses are in a never-ending quest to find out what customers need and deliver it accurately to them instantly to meet their expectations. With the second wave of the pandemic, the business environment has again switched to online. While one significant benefit of online companies is their easy access to customer feedback. Businesses can easily create and revamp their business intelligence strategies or marketing techniques by inculcating feedback given by the customers. 

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, “ 60% more profitable than product-centric ones, owing much of their success to improving thanks to customer feedback.”

What is Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is basically the information given from the audience about companies, services, products, interactions, etc, via social media platforms, polls, or even chats. There is no better reliable source than direct customer feedback to measure the quality of your company’s service and products. 

A good customer feedback strategy means various ways and methods enterprises incorporate to collect feedback from their customers. This can be through multiple platforms and ways including surveys, calls, social media posts, etc. 

Kapture is just more than a help desk software that provides businesses with software that helps them in managing and creating a good customer feedback strategy for better customer service. With an omnichannel presence collecting feedback and integrating them from multiple platforms onto a unified location is just a cakewalk.

How Is Customer Feedback Used To Improve Customer Service?

The importance of customer feedback in businesses in 2021 is crucial. It is one of the best ways to ensure that your business is providing seamless customer service that meets the needs of your customers. With each valuable feedback businesses are enhancing their whole customer service strategy by incorporating what customers actually need, here are some of the major benefits of customer feedback that will help your business to improve customer service.  

  • Be Socially Active Everywhere

It’s the era of digitalization and there are an array of social media channels available. Businesses need to be present everywhere with an omnichannel presence. Customers post their feedback and comments on their preferred social media channel. CRM’s like Kapture provides businesses with a dashboard where they can view all the feedback channels in a centralized location. 

It shows all the surveys and polls where customers have engaged from various channels and helps businesses to leverage this on a real-time basis. 

  • Understand Customers More And Helps In Meeting Their Expectations

Nothing makes your customers feel that they are important rather than asking for their opinion and acting accordingly to meet them. When businesses ask their customers their opinion about a product or service, your customers feel that their needs and requirements are valued, boosting the CSAT score. 

Once your potential customers feel that they are listened to, they might promote your business through mouth marketing. Along with better customer service, this can also boost your sales in the future. 

  • Deliver Better Service And Products

Valuable feedback from your customers helps in bridging the gaps of both your service and products. Brands undergo many iterations to keep their services and products unique and up-to-date. It is important to keep up with the competition and that’s why customer feedback is important for enhancing customer experience. 

There are various ways to get customer feedback. Polls, FAQs at the end of chat, calls, or even social media quizzes are some of them. Monitoring all these feedbacks allows businesses to keep a tab on their customer changing needs while keeping their products unique. 

A survey by PWC mentions that “When products and services come with great experiences, consumers are willing to pay up to 16% more.” This is why a good customer feedback strategy is necessary for your enterprise. The work culture has again shifted to remote working today and it’s pivotal for businesses to show their customers that they value their customer needs and expectations. 

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