Automated Ticket Resolution in Customer Support

How Automated Ticket Resolution Is Helping Customer Support

Did you know that according to a report by Microsoft about 95% of consumers cite help desk support as important in their choice of and loyalty to a brand? And according to Netomi, about 78% of customers believe that the quality of service is fundamental to earning their loyalty and repeat business. From keeping up high levels of customer satisfaction to increasing overall profitability, customer service operations play an important role.

It has now become important for businesses to keep up with the ever-changing needs of consumer trends in consumer behaviours, which can not only be tedious but can also be resource-draining. 

In times like this, there is only one feasible solution that everyone can think of and that is an artificially intelligent customer management tool! Support intelligence or AI ticket management systems not only help businesses achieve operational excellence but also help enhance workflows in customer service departments.

Artificially intelligent ticket management systems with machine learning capabilities can do wonders when it comes to customer service operations. From providing contextual responses to providing a smooth customer service experience AI and ML can help businesses increase CSAT scores, shoot up revenue flow, increase customer onboarding and retention levels, etc. 

How Does an AI-Based Ticket Management System Work

Customer management tools with the combined power of AI and ML have been the talk of the town for a while now. But one might wonder- how do AI-based ticket management systems work?

The combination of artificial cognition and machine learning can not only help businesses better understand the nature of customer service tickets but can also arm helpdesk teams with the power of immediate ticket remediation.

From understanding what exactly the customer is looking for to providing customers contextual solutions, AI and ML-driven ticket management systems can efficiently handle major customer service tasks.

In addition to this, the machine learning capabilities of these ticket management systems also help businesses add a human-like touch to help desk support operations through elements like NLP or Natural language processing. 

Important Stats of AI in Ticket Resolution You Must Know

AI ticket resolution Important stats

Benefits of Effective Automated Ticket Resolution –

Traditional ticket resolution systems due to their time-consuming nature pose a significant threat when it comes to operational excellence. Integrating an automated ticket management software not only helps businesses cut down on customer service costs but also ensures an efficient ticket resolution process at the same time.

1. Immediate Ticket Remediation

Everyone wants to save time! Businesses that provide quick, convenient and customized help desk services thrive and at the same time top the favorites list. According to American Express, about 40% of customers want businesses to focus on taking care of their needs quickly.

One of the best features of AI and ML-based ticket management software is the speedy remediation process. From quickly pulling past transactions to providing customers with the best solutions these ticket management systems can get the work done in no time. 

2. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Another best feature of AI ticket management software is enhanced efficiency and productivity. From minimizing the number of repeat tickets with tools like self-serve portals to efficiently identifying the root cause of the customer service ticket they tend to be very precise, accurate and unlike traditional workflows, they leave no room for error, this not only leads to better operational excellence but also improves overall customer experiences. In addition to this, they also help customer support teams categorize leads and tickets in the most effective fashion. 

3. They Are Cost-Effective!

Given the post-pandemic scenario where you are expected to make budget cuts, AI-based management software serves as the perfect one-time investment for any and all businesses. Unlike traditional customer support operations, automated ticket resolution implementation doesn’t require continued financial resources for paychecks, infrastructural facilities, etc.

They take up very little space and though slightly pricey they are only a one-time investment that helps businesses significantly cut down on customer service costs. 

4. Catch Hold of Valuable Insights on Customer Trends

A cherry on the top feature of customer service intelligence tools is that they help businesses gain valuable insights on customer trends and consumer behaviours through enhanced data categorization.

The data from the customer support tickets are collected and categorized, this also helps businesses better understand any loopholes or shortcomings in the products or services being offered. In addition to this these insights act as a major advantage for marketing teams while planning marketing and sales strategies.  

5. They Help You Shoot up CSAT Scores!

Did you know that according to the Temkin Group, about 77% of customers are willing to recommend a brand to a friend or family after having a single positive experience? AI and ML-driven customer relationship management do exactly that! With immediate remediation and enhanced first call resolution, Artificially Intelligent ticket management systems leave no room when it comes to creating positive customer service experiences. They help businesses not only increase CSAT scores but also improve customer retention rates as well. 

6. They Add a Hint of Personalization!

Adding a hint of personalization to customer support interactions can help businesses go a long way. AI and ML-driven ticket management systems with their human-like cognition and natural language processing abilities help customer support teams create a personalized experience for the customers while efficiently solving help desk tickets.

Personalized interactions make customers feel connected to the brand and tend to increase customer satisfaction levels. Another added benefit is the increased customer retention rates. 

Impact of Automated Ticket Resolution on Different Personas

From catering to the needs of your service agents to help you effectively organize leads, these systems aid different persons with help desk tasks. AI automated ticket resolution systems also help you boost operational intelligence leading to better growth rates.

Impact of Automated Ticket Resolution on Different Personas

Management of an influx of customer service tickets can be one hell of a job, but with ticket management systems that are driven by Artificial intelligence and machine learning the job only gets easier and more efficient.

AI-driven customer relationship management systems like Kapture Service CRM not only increase productivity levels but also help customer service teams provide the best customer support experience possible. To know more about AI and ML-driven customer relationship management systems like Kapture click here for a demo.


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