CRM Lessons: 7 steps to increase customer value


Ask a sales representative and he’ll tell you how important it is to constantly find new ways to increase revenue ! In order to increase revenue, a company has to consistently ensure that their sales and marketing departments work hand in hand to gain better leads. Furthermore, customer value addition is another little bit that companies often forget to focus on but is extremely vital to the overall growth of any business.

Here are 7 important steps that companies can make use of, to ensure that they focus on not only the customer building aspect of a business but also on the customer value addition of it:

1. Update and upgrade data

Every customer has variables in their purchase habits, likes and dislikes or even in their current needs and requirements. CRM databases hence need constant updates and upgrades of all their current customers and the potential customers as well.

2. Include reviews into marketing campaigns

When conducting marketing campaigns, you can allow your set of potential customers or existing clients to review on your target products and marketing agenda. This will help you focus better on the customer’s needs and work up campaigns which can cater to the same.

3. Allow login to have feedback options

Many customers often appreciate having the choice to offer feedback to companies, who’s services or products they use. And this is of course, irrespective of them having logged in or signed up to the service as well.

4. Motivate customers to offer suggestions

Customers are, in most cases, the end users of a product and their suggestions and feed backs will only help you market your services better and allow your business to retain value adding customers in the long haul.

5. Moderate all essential platforms of customer communication

A customer can be communicating his needs or providing feedback and suggestions, on your products, through various different platforms and this can be managed in one place, with integration of social marketing and CRM.

6. Target customers with special campaigns

Upon knowing the requirements of your customers, you can motivate your marketing department to create quick campaigns which are more specific to client demands and adhere to their needs as well! This is often seen as clients understanding their importance to a business as well.

7. Personalize follow-ups

CRM enables you to have that relationship with all your customers, which helps you have a more detailed review of their liking, preferences and product feedback for your company. Make the most of their feedback and follow-up with personalized mailers, specific marketing campaigns and with product ranges that suit your client and his/her needs better.

Scheduling time with your customers, offering them customized response and updates are all possible with the CRM systems. CRM now makes all of this possible and ensures that you can gather information on your clients, manage it and use all the marketing campaigns and ideas to create activities for customer engagement.

Your customer needs to feel like your business caters to their needs and cares about their preferences. From the point of view of a business owner, you too need customers who are loyal to your brand, repeating buyers and adding overall value to your company.

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