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CRM Integration with Marketing Efforts

The main function of marketing team is to create campaigns for various marketing platforms which would in turn get them leads of the people who are interested in their service. Marketing is a wide spread activity which includes identifying different ways to reach your clients. You have to identify which channel is the most effective, and also need to check the on-going marketing activities and their response. Also it is difficult to manage multiple marketing campaigns without any help.

CRM software is what you need to achieve the maximum reach without any additional efforts. In reality marketing crm software makes your life easy, because you just need to look at one place for all your marketing details. You need not look at different place for different marketing campaigns, analysis, plans. Here are a few advantages that can be highlighted, which are of great use to a person from marketing:

Lead Integration:

The CRM software helps streamline the leads from different sources in one platform. You can run different online and offline campaigns at the same time and you compile all the leads in a single platform. You can have a complete analysis of your marketing campaign, from which you can understand which campaign is working better and giving better results. You can manage your facebook marketing on CRM too.

• Custom marketing campaigns
You can manage your marketing campaigns through the CRM software which gives different dashboards to customize your campaigns. Through CRM implementation, you can plan and assign objective goals for each campaign and track its success.

• Email and SMS Marketing
You can also integrate and execute email and SMS marketing into a single platform. One can directly import or filter sender list into the campaign platform. You also getinstant email and SMS reports in CRM.

• Track & Record Response
CRM software has tools which can help you track the response of the audience for a particular campaign.

• Maintain Calendar
In marketing, it becomes very difficult to keep track of all the appointments and campaign launches and status. So, the CRM software helps you with proper co-ordination and avoids any manual mistakes.

Perfect Execution:

CRM software helps you manage and execute your marketing campaigns with precision at every marketing channel. You can control every aspect of your campaign – starting time, expenses, number of leads, ending time and accessing marketing intelligence.

• Increase Campaign Reach
You can identify the key words and increase the reach of your marketing campaigns.

• Custom Reports
The marketing campaigns vary from time to time based on the trends. So the CRM software helps you create reports based on the current parameters.

Improve on Campaigns:

Marketing management through CRM is very helpful because it helps you improve you campaigns by analysing the marketing data and campaign performance, you can interpret the market situation.

• Test Campaigns
CRM software tailors test campaigns to acquire precise insights about the existing market conditions.

• Track Expenses
With cloud based CRM software you can track, store and retrieve your expenses from CRM database.

ROI Reports:

ROI is very important on taking important decisions based on proper analysis. The CRM dashboard provides analytics for each sales strategy. Through CRM software one can also identify how much return one is getting on a particular campaign and if the campaign was effective.

• Real Time Updates
The CRM dashboard provides real time reports and automatically updates, client’s leads, client requirement and status. It enables you to make instant changes to the campaign if it is not performing up to the mark.

• Daily Weekly Monthly and Yearly Reports
The CRM collects all the relevant information based on various parameters and creates the regular reports.

• Track Sales Performance
CRM software enables to track the performance of teams and individuals, which will help to track the performance on many parameters.

• Sales Forecast
The CRM analyses the reports and provides information with insightful trends which will give you a fair idea if you are on the right track or not.

So in order to create the best marketing campaigns and leads use CRM software which will give you and edge over your competition and make you a seasoned veteran.


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