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What is Customer 360 and How to achieve it?

One of the best things that successful businesses do is putting themselves in the shoes of their customers to create better customer experiences.

Businesses around the globe make expensive and intense efforts in order to truly understand what customers expect and how the customers think. 

According to a report by Deloitte Digital, the average business already has 17 unique technology applications housing customer data. 

But in the era of numerous legal frameworks like the GDPR that very carefully dictate corporate data mining, collecting data can be challenging.

Businesses have to make sure that they maintain a balance between keeping up with the rules and at the same time creating an amazing customer experience by understanding what their customers look forward to. 

What is Customer 360? 

To put it in simple words customer 360 is a concept that helps businesses get a holistic or 360-degree view of their customers and their journey from the onboarding process to the post-purchase.

Having a 360-degree overview helps businesses understand consumer trends, customer base expectations, how customers feel about their products and services, or even customer suggestions on how products or services can be made better.

Customer relationship management system that provide businesses a 360-degree overview of their customers help departments like customer support, marketing, and others gain a unified view of what the customers go through.

Customer 360 enables businesses to keep track of a customer’s past and current data and at the same time allows businesses to almost accurately predict a customer’s future journey as well.

Benefits of Customer 360 Analytics

Efficient data mining and data segmenting can be challenging but it is worth every little piece of information that you collect from your customers. Due to the numerous benefits that Customer 360 brings businesses to tend to invest a lot of money. Here are a few benefits of customer 360 – 

1. Strengthens Customer Intelligence

Intelligent Kapture CRM

A 360-degree analytical view of your customers helps you boost your customer engagement strategy because you now know what exactly you have to prioritize or improve about a customers’ journey.

Excellent AI-driven CRMs like Kapture enable businesses to track multiple customer touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

It will help your businesses not only increase customer engagement levels but will also help accurately identify any shortcomings or challenges customers are facing. 

2. Helps Businesses Grow Through Predictive Analysis

Did you know that according to Mckinsey Global Institute, Data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers?

A report by BARC research stated that Businesses that use big data increase their profit by 8 percent!

A 360-degree view of your customers enables businesses to gain predictive analysis which in turn leads to better strategy making. 

A unified overview of customers enables businesses to answer questions like – 

  • How are the customers feeling? 
  • Are they unsatisfied with the brand? 
  • what kind of offers would customers love?
  • What kind of product improvements do they expect the brand to make? 

3. Strengthens Your Customer Relationship

If there is one thing successful businesses thrive to achieve it is lasting and strong customer relationships.

In order to create this strong bond, businesses need to know as much as possible about their customers.

Thanks to customer relationship management systems that facilitate customer 360, businesses are able to easily streamline various departments and their records and collect quality data about their customers. 

4. Helps You Create an Omnichannel Experience

CRMs with a Customer 360 view make it possible for businesses to deliver a great omnichannel experience to their customers.

According to a report by Omnisend, purchase frequency is 250% higher on omnichannel vs. single-channel and the average order value is 13% more per order on omnichannel vs. single channel.

Leveraging omnichannel support based on the data collected through customer 360 can not only increase profitability but also increase customer satisfaction levels. 

5. Helps Businesses Provide a Seamless Support Experience

Providing good and adequate customer support should always be prioritized.

A great thing about customer 360 is that it makes it easy for customer service agents to deliver a smooth and seamless customer service experience which ultimately leads to happy customers.

Customer support agents are able to predict what customers need, understand customers’ preferences, and are able to provide contextual and faster remediation to customer tickets.

This not only helps businesses create stronger bonds with their customers but also helps them boost customer retention rates and improve customer onboarding levels. 

How to Achieve a 360-Degree Customer View

Achieving a unified view of your customers and what they do can be slightly challenging if you don’t have the right tools and strategies.

Thanks to efficient technology like social media listening tools and AI-driven customer relationship management tools achieving a 360-degree customer view on customers has become easier than ever. 

1- Make use of Social Listening Tools

Social media spaces can be used as excellent data collection spaces. 

Analyzing customer behavior and consumer trends through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat can help businesses gain an overview of customer sentiments, their opinions on the brand or the product, etc. which can later be used to create better marketing strategies that are more likely to be successful.

Businesses can begin with keeping an eye on your brand’s social mentions through your CRM’s keyword tracking tools that will instantly notify you about what the customer is posting or saying about your brand and the product. 

2. Maintaining and Auditing Customer Data

Maintaining an organized customer database can take regular audits, updates, and analyses.

Keeping it clean and organized will help various departments systematically log customer data into the database which further leads to hassle-free communication across various departments.

Segmenting and organizing customer data can help businesses make significant observations on new customer trends, product-related trends, etc.

This not only allows them to gain actionable insights into their customers but also makes it possible for achieving a 360-degree view. 

3. Invest in Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs)

Intelligent Kapture CRM

Investing in customer relationship management systems that help businesses efficiently track customer activity and maintain customer data is extremely important.

CRMs driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning can help businesses align with their customer relationships.

From creating hassle-free and seamless customer experiences to helping businesses make data-driven decisions CRMs can be lifesavers.

Make sure your business chooses a CRM that facilitates self-service portals, Omnichannel support, and Keyword tracking. 

How Kapture Is Helping Businesses Achieve Customer 360

From easily creating API integrations to integrating effective omnichannel support strategies, Kapture’s intelligent CRM helps businesses in multiple ways.

Kapture’s AI-driven CRM helps businesses get a 360-degree overview with its various facilitations like – omnichannel, Knowledge bases, self-service portals, keyword tracking, and automated ticket collection.

This helps businesses collect data on customers from their past purchase history, current trends and at the same time makes it possible for businesses to predict future customer activity as well. 

Key takeaway

Having a 360 -degree customer overview helps businesses – 

  • Understand their customers’ behaviors and their expectations and customer psyche.
  • Bring about digital transformation in their organization that boosts growth. 
  • Enhances digital customer touchpoints into insightful data that can be used to create a better strategy 
  • Make it possible to create personalized customer experiences. 


Creating better products and gathering meaningful customer data is necessary. But doing so without the right tools can be extremely challenging.

Thanks to CRMs that enable 360 customer views and tools that help monitor social media platforms, businesses no longer have to worry about keeping up with the balance. To know more about Kapture’s CRM systems click here for a demo.


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