5 CRM Field Management Tricks Instilling Intelligent Team Operations?

Most employers’ finds it hard to keep employees’ productive right under their finger point, managing outside activity much more hard. Here CRM Field Management transforms into a much conflicting challenge.

Taking field employee input as the only source of information could instantly put your business under stress and threat of underperformance. Henceforth, managing field teams becomes a hard challenge.

Still, Field Teams are Quintessential. But Why?

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Most IT and software vendors still depend on direct client interaction as their central revenue source. And most clients prefer businesses to visit at their location. All business requires field personnel with a complete set of soft-skills and solid product knowledge.

In short, a firm Hand Shake could still beat perfectly optimized landing pages at completing a Deal.

Even when you are handling hardware products, you may have to attend individual dealers or distributors. If you are an FMCG manufacturer, your representative may be required to frequently visit multiple store owners.

All these processes require maintaining a complete on-field team.

Transit Paths and Guidance Problems


Every employer having a field team is concerned about two central issues.
1. Are my field employees taking too much leisure time?
2. Are they following most efficient paths?

Each of these issues seems to be coming from opposite corners having diverse appeal. But they also have a similar solution.

Having integrated CRM software gives you the necessary tools to solve both these issues in the easiest way.

A GPS integrated tool shows a precise location for each sales personnel. You can also follow and track location through each passing spot.

Every city has numerous side paths and shortcuts, which could significantly shorten transit paths. CRM software lets you read direct location and transit paths for an outside employee. If you find that your employee could reach the destination through an easier path, that’s also directly updated.

Passing Information at Crossroads

Passing- Information-Cross roads

Upon arrival on a location, one may need to access immediate information. Instead of trying to pass on critical information through unclear phone channels, you can directly communicate with sales personnel.

While incorrect data could potentially cost a customer, a CRM helps you readily manage your customer database.

It allows you to potentially access most in-depth information from the client’s location, enabling you easily call for help.

False Claims and Missed Meetings


Every sales meeting and client meet-ups are potential opportunities. If anyone decides not to attend a meeting at the team’s expense, you obtain immediate updates through CRM track.

An integrated CRM gives you track of each employee, even availing the exact location of each employee. Through CRM software, you can open-up you towards a central theme for making the best client organizations.

A mobile CRM also stores all essential information, which can be used to object to later client or business commitments.

Providing Wrong Product or Service


Whether you are a software vendor or hardware provider, having access to systematically stored client data is critical. This information could pertain to client demands, product specifications, meeting times or requisite information etc…

Most customers rate ‘providing the wrong product as service ‘as most distasteful experience. A CRM ensures that ‘transit worries’ isn’t a convincing reason to provide wrong packages.

Through CRM, you can always save the right information for each client, thereby avoiding any potential mishaps.

Being Behind Meeting Schedules


Even for an experienced field professional, managing a large number of meetings without being late at one place is a hard task. When meeting attended late is as good as meeting unattended, having and sticking to a schedule becomes important to second none.

With an integrated GPS system, your transit paths could be constantly monitored and relaying live information to a central CRM. Consequently, each meeting could be assigned a specific time-schedule along with alarm at each location.

Locating Client Offices


Even for a client pre-occupied with exploring the city, some pockets could be dread-some. With its countless loops and turns, finding the right spot for client offices could be a struggle.

All these make client place transits into a risky affair, possibly losing your way at City.

A CRM helps you find the most effective path through city loops and one-ways that could take away your day.

Unlike Google Maps, you can share your transit paths and destination with your management. It allows close monitoring of transit paths and intimates about all deviations. It helps you make your outside field team a direct part of your daily activities.

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