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Kapture call-center management softwareOver the decades communication channels and mediums have seen a mighty transformation. From sending across your message via pigeons to saying “hello” to someone on the other side of the world via chats, technology has ruled the ways in which people stay connected. Similarly businesses today can’t just sit at the fence and function the way they used to, a few years back. They need to be more dynamic, here’s why:

Need for Brands to “listen more” and “talk less”

Some of the biggest brands today have felt the pinch when they only keep boasting about their offerings or products, imagining their audience will love them for that. The generation today believes in a two-way communication and expects the quickest response to their queries about the brands or companies they deal with. This is because your customer is tech-savvy, loves the internet and is mostly on-the-go. Here is an infograph to tell you why !

The more accessible you are the more your customers will love you

Keeping customers happy is the new mantra. Giving them easy access to your management is something that will make your brand more trustworthy and approachable. And in this modern day and age, you can’t expect them to post a letter to you and wait for days to get their queries resolved. The first 3 things that they will look to do is.


With the increasing number of call-centers in India you can only imagine how important it is for any growing business to have a TOLL FREE number or a call-center support. The first instinct of a customer facing an urgent issue is look for the customer service number online, pick up the phone and dial. KAPTURE CRM comes with in-built call-center management software to manage and resolve all your queries on a single platform.


For issues that are maybe not as severe, or the ones which need an elaborate explanation, people prefer to email them across to the concerned department of a company. KAPTURE is a cloud-based customer service platform which comes with a task management system and query management system, using which you can classify queries and allocate it automatically to the respective departments for faster closures. This customer service software allows easy website integration by using the latest APIs. Information coming in through feedback forms on websites and online surveys can all be accumulated, evaluated and processed through KAPTURE.


Another popular functionality that most websites of companies providing services is the “chat with customer care” function. This helps in resolving queries real time and improves customer satisfaction to the next level. KAPTURE comes with a free chat integration software, using which you can easily plug in this feature onto your website.

No matter where queries come in from, manage, attend and resolve all of them all on a single platform KAPTURE. Go KAPTURE and enhance customer-experience like never before.

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