How Affordable CRM Software Saves Money Directly And Indirectly?

For an individual buyer, deciding on the affordability of software is easy. He takes the decision based on utility, price and features of the available free version. When it comes to CRM, deciding on the affordability of software becomes much more intricate and complex.

How to understand CRM pricing?

CRM Software

CRM is usually adapted on an organizational or team scale. Although they are affordable as a stand-alone application, you may quickly need to invest in more than three CRM licenses. If you’re considering investing in several licenses, the combined investment could make your CRM into a considerable business investment.

As a result, your management could decide on CRM adaptation purely on a financial standpoint. Usually, this investment could be hard to be explained, especially in developing countries such as India.

In these situations considering per head/investment, the cost of a license may appear too steep. It may appear comparatively cheaper to invest in pure manpower.

In this situation, one needs to look at CRM as a pure business investment. Each feature connecting and augmenting different parts of organizations. An integrated system helps an organization function more efficiently.

Under this circumstance, let’s consider the different benefits of customer relationship management software. Here’s a brief analysis of the direct and impacts of CRM software.

Understanding a CRM Quotation:-


For any software variant, there is a practically infinite number of free versions. If you are just looking at just finishing tasks, combination free software could complete tasks of CRM software.

When you are looking at CRM software, you’re not just buying CRM software. You are buying a totally integrated platform, which can control your every business aspect. It involves phone tools, customizations, special business software’s, analytics etc.

It provides an optimal strategy for finishing jobs, requiring a totally optimized CRM system. It involves managing various facets of your business, through a unified system.

Direct Savings through CRM:-

Marketing & Sales

Cost Effect on Marketing:-

A CRM can be automated to collect relevant information about your regular customers.

When you marketing to a segmented audience, having direct inputs help you streamline your marketing efforts. If you have direct knowledge of customer preferences, it helps you make informed decisions about ad investment, target mediums, campaign timing etc.

Cost Effect on Sales:-

The main purpose of a sales team is to make it easy and provide compelling reasons to finish purchases. These also happen to be reasons for uncompleted sales. Ready document management process avails necessary data at fingertips, while the lead management process gets you closer to clients. You can expect at least 25% increased conversion through CRM integration.

Productivity Impact:-

A CRM implemented process essentially ensures that your ‘employees don’t have to run in circles.’ This also gives you prioritize daily tasks and allocate according to skill levels. In the case of FMCG, it helps you ship goods more efficiently and get better price margins.

Indirect Cost Impact of CRM:-

indirect-CRM-savingsAs a running business, you are constantly being bombarded with several running expenses and unavoidable charges. A CRM helps you draw-out on these indirect costs.

Avoid Buying less 3rd Party Software’s:-

Every business needs various 3rd party tools and software. This software’s may not mesh with businesses perfectly. Each of them needs separate renewal and information handover is always an issue.

CRM integration avoids software for call management, service utility, safe document management etc.

And finally, you could manage more utility but spending less through managing custom built CRM software.

Lesser Outings and shorter Transit:-

For any organization, managing fuel and vehicle depreciation cost have become critical. All organizations could gain by cutting down on distance travelled and total outings.

CRM integration lets you monitor transit paths through an integrated map system. Now you can plan-out each employee transit, achieving higher visit and shorter distances for each customer.

You can also directly calculate fuel expenditure’s based on covered path, eliminating miscalculation or employee misinformation.

Actively engage and Manage Employees:-

Instead of following easily corrupted work reports, a CRM system lets you manage employees in the easiest manner. Each employee profile showcases project completed and work to be completed on a short-time scale.

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