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When on the field, stay equipped

Create a more Organized and Simplified Field Sales Workflow

Managing day-to-day field sales operations requires careful planning and organizing of the multiple prospect opportunities. Kapture field tracking software helps you create, manage and optimize a streamlined workflow for your field teams. The mobile sales solution helps you assuredly cover and convert your on-field sales meetings into paying customers.

Smarter Field Sales Management for modern sales teams

A modern sales team needs to be closely collaborative and easily communicable. Kapture field sales management software enables you to effectively manage prospect interactions and customer data. The mobile sales app enables the sales mobility feature – your sales entire sales vertical remains connected and accessible from anywhere, anytime...

Kapture field sales management software is a comprehensive platform to manage all your field sales information. The cloud-based system accelerates your decision making and organizes your field operations to create better outcomes.

  1. Allocate and assign daily meetings
  2. Assign and follow-up on customer contacts
  3. Access and manage multiple customer touch points on mobile CRM
  4. Collect, share and send customer data across teams
  5. Take meaningful customer decisions

Employee attendance

Mark and Approve attendances from anywhere

Kapture field tracking software allows your sales representative to remotely mark their attendance from a Smartphone or tablet. Also, the GPS-based location tracking and time stamping conveys the location of your sales employees at anytime… Also utilize the comprehensive sales attendance management to cut down on unnecessary transits and expenses.

Field Sales Management Software
Field Sales Tracking CRM

Customer visits

Plan before you move ahead

The concerned manager can set-up and follow the daily visits based on the daily planner system. Through the mobile CRM app, the concerned sales rep can view the daily meetings assigned on the particular day. You can also confirm that all the assigned meetings are met based on the easy check-in and check-out at the customer’s location through the Smartphone.

Location tracking

Track field movement of sales reps

The GPS tracking allows each field representative’s real-time location to be mapped on the CRM system with accurate time stamps. With check-in and check-out times, monitor your representatives’ movements on the field.

Field Sales CRM
Field sales management System

Product catalogue

An inventory that moves with you

Access product catalogues, brochures and customer information and prepare themselves before a meeting. Deliver real-time updates about rate plans and product offers on a sales representative’s smartphone with Kapture’s mobile management software.

Mobile sales management

Sales on-the-go

New customer information, product enquiries and orders can be entered by your representatives while they are at the customer’s location. View the real-time status of all pending tasks against each customer, such as order delivery and pending payments, through your mobile sales app.

Sale Management Software
Sales Tracking Software

Order approvals

Uninterrupted order delivery

Receive updates about any newly created orders on a unified dashboard to confirm or reject a new order proposal. Afterwards, the notifications can be automatically sent to the concerned teams for an uninterrupted order processing.

Payment updates

Know the status now

Automatically update your order payment status – whether paid or pending – through Kapture mobile sales app. Cash or Cheque payments can be verified by taking and uploading mobile snapshots to the database.

Field Sales Rep Tracking CRM Software