Sales CRM software

How Kapture can help your sales team address their biggest CRM Pain Points

Sales CRM software

Your sales team was not meant to tinker around with technology. They need to use their time doing the thing that they do best, which is converting leads, closing deals and making sales. They need to impact the numbers to actually reflect the change. Without proper user implementation, entire lead management systems can crumble, as your sales team struggles to find its way through highly cluttered and counter-intuitive CRM systems.

With the help of Kapture CRM’s highly user-friendly interface and customer management tools, your sales team can address all these pain points that they have either encountered or will encounter when handling a CRM system.

Most CRM projects are not successful because of the resistance from the sales team, which stems from improper orientation, initiation and implementation processes. Imagine you are presenting your mom with the latest iPhone. She has little to no prior experience with smartphones, having always used a landline phone or a generic mobile phone. Now even though the functionality of the iPhone is much higher than that of her basic mobile phone, there is one thing that still stands in the way of her having an excellent user experience, and that is proper initiation. If your mother is not properly introduced to the iPhone, then it’s functionality is completely lost on her. You might as well have gotten her another basic cell phone instead.

In this situation, it’s not going to be much help to simply give them a CRM definition. They would rather lack the context of CRM software in a business application.

Introducing your sales team to the best sales CRM software requires a similar initiation process. Otherwise, they will reject its functionality and just stick to the basics that they are aware of. Kapture CRM hosts a multitude of user-friendly modules and tools that make this initiation so much easier for your sales team, thus boosting their CRM lead management and other sales processes. Let’s find out how Kapture CRM can help your sales team address their biggest CRM pain points.

Assistance with daily tasks with Kapture CRM

The art of ABC or Always Be Closing when it comes to sales is an obsolete concept now. It’s much more vital to focus your sales energy on winning the trust and building customer relationships through multichannel networks. And in order to establish this trust, you need to entrust your sales team with ownership of their sales management system. Kapture CRM allows your team to get involved in the relationship management stage by providing them with features that ensure easier and faster task management. Tools like a deadline or follow-up reminders will enable your team to process time-consuming communication channels for better customer relationship building.

Kapture CRM’s in-depth data analysis software provides your sales team with insight regarding the CLV or the Customer Lifetime Value. Being aware of the potential of a particular customer can provide your sales team with the motivation to devise effective ways to approach leads.

Kapture CRM is also equipped with AI capabilities that can the next best course of action in the relationship building process for your team. It can also help you prioritize tasks as well as customers for maximum results according to your team and individual goals.

Incorporate automation in your sales process with Kapture

You can say goodbye to time-consuming data logging processes thanks to Kapture CRM. According to Inside Sales, the manual entry of call details or MOMs can take up 8 minutes per interaction. Opting for an automated sales CRM tool like Kapture will ensure that your sales team is able to maximize their efficiency and focus on what they do best, instead of menial data entry. Automation also minimizes (if not eliminates) all scopes of human error that can creep in during manual data logging processes.

Get your sales team on their mobiles through Kapture CRM

All your customers are on their phones; there is no reason for your sales team to be anywhere else. Hyperbole aside, mobile adaptability is a vital pain point for most CRMs. Kapture’s intricate mobile device support is a blessing for your sales team on the go. Your sales reps can stay in touch with their entire customer base by providing real-time responses through the Kapture mobile interface.

Scalable Kapture CRM for your growing business

It’s one thing to be able to keep track of your customers when your business in the fetal stage. The real challenge comes when you’re business picks up and your sales CRM software needs to have scalable properties to keep up with your growing customer base. If your sales team is forced to use a non-scalable CRM system, their productivity and efficiency levels are bound to take a hit. Kapture CRM follows a fully scalable model that can be tailored to fit your business at all stages of its growth.

The process of implementing a new CRM system has to be approached from the perspective of the sales team. The success of a good CRM system ultimately depends on how efficiently it is employed by the sales team. Often times, a perfectly capable sales team will fail to properly implement a new CRM system due to a combination of factors. There is a tendency for sales reps to get overly attached to legacy tools. This dislike for accepting change can be addressed by the proper implementation, which can only be conducted through the proper initiation of the CRM system. A user-friendly and highly intuitive sales CRM tool like Kapture CRM can make the whole process so much easier, thus enabling a smoother transition for your sales team.

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