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Powerful Helpdesk Software Features That Turn a Single Dashboard into a Ticket Resolution Machine

Customer expectations have never been higher. It’s one thing to win their trust with a purchase. But post-sales support is where you can maximize the Return on Acquisition Expense.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a tiny little stat that should paint a clearer portrait of what customers expect from a business.

According to a report put together by Accenture – “Close to 33% customer abandoned a business due to a lack of personalization in customer support”.

How Do You Offer Your Customer Personalized Support

The ideal platform to respond to every support query ever sent to your business would be a helpdesk software. The service desk software is a single-window that receives messages, phone calls, emails and social posts sent to your company in one inbox.

Picture a Gmail inbox, but with the ability to track, manage and respond to these requests from multiple channels on a single dashboard.

What Are the Ideal Features That Will Help You Offer Personalized Support on a Helpdesk CRM Dashboard

The dashboard offers the user a chain of support modules that can help you tweak your operations for maximum effectiveness.

Now just to give you a taste of what you can expect from a helpdesk software, here are 5 modules of an online helpdesk software that can help you improve ticket resolution;

1. The Omnichannel Ticket Inbox

What is it?
It’s a collective inbox that receives tickets or customer communications from multiple platforms including phone calls, emails, sms and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
Instead of hitting up different platforms to answer queries, your team can focus on just one inbox. This not only improves your first call resolution but also drops the average ticket handle time.

2. The Ticket Folder

What is it?
Ticket folders let you filter support requests across each of your departments
By setting specific keywords related to the department in question, the software auto assigns support request to the right agent.

3. SLA Management

What is it?
A resolution deadline attached to every ticket.
This deadline motivates the support team into action ensuring that your customers hear back from you at the earliest.

4. Agent Shift Management

What is it?
After setting up folder specific workflows for each department, you can assign agents to each shift.
By assigning shifts to your team. You avoid agent collision ensuring that multiple agents don’t end up working on the same ticket.

5. Knowledge Management System

What is it?
A bank of faqs and articles on workflows that agents can refer to while resolving tickets.
The KMS helps you break in new agents with pre-written articles on issues that are most frequently experienced by the customer. This ensures that your ticket resolution rates stay up as you continue to grow your support team.


The writer recently purchased an online training program. He entered his debit card details and hit the order now button.

Lo and behold……

Nothing happened. He was angry and typed out an email to the course provider. A while later his course was sent to him via email. He then accessed the course and then got angry again, it was like an upsell arena. He lashed out once again, meanwhile, the support team would have received the request and saw that the writer was an aggrieved customer.

They quickly replied with an email – giving him instructions on how to access the course modules he paid for.

The writer then calmed down and gave the feedback a five-star rating.

He was ready to ditch the product, but the quick reply kept him paying them a monthly subscription.

Chances are if this happened with the writer, it would have happened with other customers as well.

Since the course provider used helpdesk software to resolve an issue immediately, the writer is now a loyal customer.

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