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What is a Ticket Management System?

A ticket management system is a software program that allows you to track, organize, prioritize and resolve support tickets. All incoming tickets are assigned with priority based on several factors like customer life time value, type and urgency of the issue. Then these tickets are assigned to the right agent based on their skill set, availability, and expertise level.

The long and short of it: we help your support team to work faster.

With increasing support tickets, its really painful to keep track of tickets and deliver timely and quality customer support. That's where the ticket management softwares comes in.

Omnichannel Support - Assist Customers
Across Multiple Communication Channels

Support your customers through many different avenues. When they contact you on your website, by email,phone call,chat, or through social media - a ticket will be generated in Kapture which allows agents to respond faster while remaining organized. All of these discussions are tracked and added to the customer's profile so that there is always an open line of communication between the company and the customer.


Empowers your agents to view and resolve queries coming through your website.

Social media

Generate and assign support tickets from messages and comments originating from social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.


Generate support tickets from your customer support email inbox. Assign tickets to agents as customers contact your business via email.


Integrate you cloud telephony system with the ticketing software to generate tickets from the incoming calls. Agents dont need to be logged in to the cloud telephony platforms to provide the support.

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What to consider before choosing the best ticketing software for your business?


When looking for the best ticketing software for your business, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Since the ticket management system is one of those tools that your customer support team will be using a lot, this will majorly determine the success of your business.

But here is a shortlist of questions and their answers to help you come to the right decision.


Are the features in your ticket management system easy to use?


The features in your ticket management system should be easy to use. If they are not, your employees will not use them. This will lead to tickets being mishandled and customers not being properly served.

The ticket management system should be intuitive and easy to learn. The layout should be simple and the buttons should be clearly labelled. If employees have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to use the system, they will not be happy. And, if employees are not happy, they will not be productive.


How do I set up a ticket management system?


The answer to this question is both yes and no. It depends on the specific system that is being used and the level of customization that is required. In general, however, most ticket management systems can be implemented relatively easily, with minimal disruption to normal business operations.

One of the benefits of using a ticket management system is that it can often be integrated into existing customer service software or CRM ticketing tools. This means that there is usually very little setup required in order to get started.


What can be integrated into your ticket management system?


There are a lot of different features that can be integrated into your ticket management system. It really depends on what your company needs and what you are looking for in a system. Some of the most common features that are integrated include:

- Ticket tracking
- Customer service
- Help desk
- Asset management
- Project management
- And more!


Can you automate support processes with your ticketing system?


Ticket management systems can be integrated with a variety of other software to help automate and improve your workflows. For example, you can integrate a ticket management system with:

- A CRM to keep track of customer interactions and ticket history
- A social media management tool to help with customer support and engagement
- A marketing automation tool to create and track marketing campaigns
- A project management tool to help manage and assign tasks related to ticket resolution


Can your help desk analyse what you need?


Not all help desks are created equal. Some are designed to simply offer support, while others are designed to help you analyse what you need and how to get it. The best help desks will offer you a variety of different services in order to help you make your business run more smoothly.

Some of the things that a good helpdesk will offer include:

-Analysis of your current needs and how to improve them
-Troubleshooting for common issues
-Preventative maintenance for your systems
-Ongoing support for your team


Why do you need a ticket management system?


Together with the ticketing system, your company can now quickly assign inquiries to the most relevant agent, provide context to customer interactions and track inquiries to ensure that customer service is delivered with speed and accuracy.


Is your ticketing system cost-effective for your team?


No one ever thinks about the cost of a ticketing system until they have to implement one. It's an important question to ask because the wrong ticketing system can end up costing your team more time and money than it's worth.

There are a few key things to consider when choosing a ticketing system:

-The cost of the system itself
-The cost of implementation and training
-The cost of maintenance and updates
-The cost of customer service
-The cost of tickets
Make sure you ask your team these questions before you make a decision.


What is SLA in the ticketing tool?


The agreed-upon turnaround time for answering or resolving a ticket is referred to as the Ticket Service Level Agreement (Ticket SLA). It might be determined by priority levels such as low, medium, or high. For example, if the SLA for First Resolution Time is 4 hours, all tickets resolved within 4 hours fulfil the SLA.


Is the ticketing software easy to use?


Yes, The use interface provided by Kapture is simple and easy to use so that every agent can use it.

Ticket Management System

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