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Reports, for your accounting needs

Clean operational insights about business accounting and collections

Start to keep track and analyzing your monetary flow through a single platform – Kapture payment analytics platform. By completely integrating with your live operations, the reporting software can collect data from multiple business and customer touch points. This provides you with insights to make data-informed decisions about improving your financial status. This also helps you manage track and visualize your overall business payments.

Kapture report analytics software lets you draw practical insights about your business payments and operations on a day-to-day basis.

Payments Report Management Software

Comprehensive payment reports

Receive and manage payments in a single dashboard

Kapture CRM payment reports include generated orders, completed transactions and delivered invoices. You can also drill down on individual customer basis to understand specific customer payment patterns. Also, start predicting revenue over a specific time period to achieve deeper product insights.

Credit rating reports

Know your clients

Record and evaluate your customer’s payments patterns and financial commitments. This enables you set down clear credit ratings for future purchases. Kapture reporting analytics tools helps you recognize your top clients and serve a flexible crediting system.

Cash inflow and outflow

Map flow to grow

Stay informed about client payments in real-time with automatic updates for the pending and received payments. By reviewing your current accounting, you can work on developing an optimal business and product strategy.