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7 Service Mistakes that lead to Disgruntled Customers

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Arguably, today customers can make or break any business. And this makes your existing customer base into a critical link for expanding and solidifying your business. Having a base of satisfied customers would open the door to larger online and offline publicity. Meanwhile, disgruntled customers could turn into the most dedicated team of doomsayers for your business.

Increasing Waiting Times

If you rewind five years, increasing wait time was used as a strategy to decrease call volume and increase response quality. But the recent years have seen a steady increase in call management across the globe, making this strategy into a suicidal approach. Today customers demand and require consistency and quality at service management. This allows you to decrease waiting time across time-table.

Non-resolute or Non-definite Solutions

The inability to provide sufficient solution is considered identifying mark of an untrained service team. If you are checking any review aggregation platform, the cut-and-dried solution is the reason behind a good portion of angry customers. Moreover, it’s seen as a sign of non-professionalism.

At the same time, your audience base is growing to be increasingly appreciative of technical and industry-specific knowledge. This is one of the easiest ways of building a strong review portfolio.

Non-professional Call Management

Today the service teams are growing to the awakening that ‘All calls are not equal’. One needs to identify and separate invalidated numbers and prank calls from authentic client inquiries. For this, managing call management on a professional basis is an important feature.

Misfiring Communication and Messages

In order to provide actual solutions, the service team should be able to communicate with the right team and individuals. For this, the customer service team should be able to communicate through a closed platform.

Mismanagement of Customer Complaints

When you are handling complaints, you are already managing dissatisfied customers. Further, mismanagement means that your complaints could easily escalate to higher levels. This leads to complete mismanagement of customer complaints on a daily basis.

Inconsistency in Service quality

When you have service professionals at multiple levels of proficiency, it’s inevitable that there comes discrepancy in quality. With having a clear script to follow customer services, you can create higher consistency at managing your services.

Inordinate Number of Call Transfers

Based on the study, with an increasing number of call transfers, the clients usually get irritated. Now make him explain his problem during each transferred call.

All organizations should be able to cut down on the number of call transfers by providing solutions within the limited number of calls. For this, you need to manage each client calls without creating undue-rests.

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