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7 Key Reasons why a prospect could be repelled by your Sales Pitch

Sales CRM software

In this corporate world, there is cut-throat competition amongst business rivals. The reason for such competition is to maximize sales and increase the impact of a sales pitch. Several rules are to be followed to increase the number of sales. Innovative ideas need to be implemented into the business, which can result in bringing in more customers as well as increase sales. Sales are especially important in the initial stage of business because if sales are optimum, the business will prosper; otherwise, it will become difficult to run the business further on. Sales CRM Software in India can be referred to as the backbone of any nascent business trying to make it big.

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7 key ways to be on good terms with your prospects are:

Tie your customers emotionally:

Build an emotional bond with your customers in a way that even if you forget to contact them, they should be willing to contact you. Understanding the customers’ emotions can help you get closer to them, which can, in turn, generate numerous sales in a short span of time.

Keep up to your promises:

You may convince your customer to buy your product/service and also promise to deliver it within a specific time-frame. Doing the job on or before the given date allows the customers to trust your business. This can also help your business since it creates loyal customers for the long term.

Show your magical power:

Just a formal interaction isn’t enough to convince your customers to buy a product. Listen keenly to every question that is asked by the customer. This will give you an idea of what exactly is required by the customer. Prioritize their needs and delegate effectively, and motivate the customers by informing them about the true value of your product.

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Show the product value:

Saying the price of a product or providing an attractive price package doesn’t increase your sales. Instead, it makes the customers understand the value of the product. If the product can satisfy a customer’s need, then the price is not an issue. Customers will only buy your product/service if its value is better than the other similar products on offer.

Take the fear out of your customers:

Sometimes, the customers may feel the fear to buy the product due to financial problems or from thinking that the product may not work in the future. Likewise, there are various different fear factors hidden in every customer. This fear can be removed by giving confidence about the product and motivating the customer to buy. This can allow your business to have an even better Customer Relationship Management in place.

Give value for money:

The best way to make a customer get to the service/sales stage is by telling them about the product first and then following up with the price. Many eager agents make the mistake of communicating the product price first, which may bring in a doubt factor in the customer’s mind and lead to purchase refusal. This is why product price should not be given high weight-age. Letting the customer first know about the product value, and then telling them the price may seem affordable to them. This leads to successful sales implementation.

Get customers into the business:

Asking every customer to get into the business is very necessary. Many agents think that customers like their product and that there’s no need of asking them for business; this is naturally a wrong assumption. Agents should talk about business at the end of a conversation with a customer. This strengthens the sales process on a long-term and increases the impact of a sales pitch that is looked after by the Sales CRM software.

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