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Tips To Deal With Customer Complaints Effectively


When it comes to the customer service industry there is no such thing as being perfect. You might have your A-game when it comes to serving customers, but there will still be times when you receive complaints from some of them. You will usually encounter complaints from difficult customers, and sometimes if the loyal ones have something to get off their chest they might complain as well. The main challenge here is to handle the situation in a way that convinces the customer to think that you run a great organization. Great customer service is built on the relationship between your customer and you, and how well you handle it.

Good or bad, feedback is paramount and helps you develop your products or services better, one transaction at a time. Most unhappy customers won’t even bother to complain. According to statistics, “for every customer complaint, there are more than 26 other unhappy customers who have remained silent”. They will simply switch to your competitors without acknowledging you of your shortcomings or where you failed to meet their expectations.

So, how do you convert every customer complaint into a positive experience?


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Don’t Get Carried Away with Emotions

We all know the drill: keep calm even if the customer freaks out regularly. This is where your patience comes into play. Good listening skills are mandatory if you are working for customer service management. No matter how angry, rude or unreasonable the customer might be, you need to listen to them without letting your emotions get in the way of your professionalism. This is one of the situations where trying to ‘win’ by getting neurotic will land you in more trouble than you might think. Instead of getting defensive, listen carefully to what the customer has to say. When customers genuinely express their concern, it is important to take it as a chance to improve rather than thinking that he’s personally attacking you. Let them know that they are heard and express your gratitude to them.

React Immediately

Regardless of the channel you use, be it social media, phone, live chat or by email; customer complaints should get an immediate response. In case, prompt solutions are not possible, you can let them know that their complaints are heard, taken into consideration and give them the desired response time for the complaint to be resolved. When customers get a rapid response to their queries, they are more likely to stay with you for long.

Convey a Sincere Apology

Usually used for a mistake, the word ‘sorry’ is also a tool to let others know that you are compassionate. You end goal is to let your customer know that you appreciate their concern and express a genuine apology. Whether or not you mean it, a customer will be inclined to give your company another chance if they find you sincere. Connecting with your customers through a humanized approach is a boon which is mostly underrated.

Acknowledge the Problem

As a representative, it is your responsibility to admit to a mistake that happens on your company’s end. Acknowledge the customer’s problem and take it upon yourself to solve it too. Be it a service which didn’t do as promised or a product that was found defective. Whatever the reason is, make sure about letting them know that their complaint has been recognized and appropriate action will be taken so that it never happens again.

Offer Solutions

Once you have carefully specified the root cause and gathered all the facts, it is time to offer a helpful solution. In case the problem is deep, you should pass it onto the concerned team and help the customer get connected to them as well. If you make your customers’ time worthwhile and address the issue in a proper time period without having them to wait for ages, you will end up with happy and loyal customers.

Regardless of using the most prominent customer service software and being extremely proficient, there is no overcoming the customer complaints. Nevertheless, your employees can implement these tips in order to ensure efficient customer service. This will help you turn challenges into opportunities.

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