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The Inner Game of Cold Calling

When a prospects slam the phone down and leave you questioning the reason for existence, you just need to adhere to a single mantra to let your sales motivation get back to its peak,

When a prospect says No, he is not rejecting me, he just doesn’t need my product right now.

Rejections are very common in the sales game which is why a positive attitude is hugely beneficial to getting the momentum back in your favour.

This means you should have a bunch of tools and techniques in your mental garage, to help you get into a peak state of performance at will.

4 Simple Things You Can Do to Optimize Your Cold Calling Process

1. Focus on One Sales Call at a Time

The fear of rejection holds the gut in a knot that restricts action. Outcome dependent thinking causes this bodily fear, all you need to change momentum towards motivation is to take one single action.

Remember – action leads to inspiration and not the other way around. If you find yourself staring at your Lead Management Software waiting for motivation to hit you, just tell yourself that;

I’m just going to make one shitty sales call at a time because making shitty phone calls is better than making no phone calls at all.

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2. Prepare Your Mind with Affirmations

The next time someone slams the door on your face or doesn’t pick up your follow up calls, all you need to do is open up your sales lead management software to tell yourself….

“Every sales call I make I get one step closer to finding the hottest lead and will easily covert them”

This small affirmation will prepare your mind to begin hitting the phones with a fervour, one could only see on a Wall Street trading floor.

The repetition of positive affirmations like such immediately cloud out the negative thinking in your mind and gets your brain excited about the prospects of the future, because your affirmations of the ideal self, the self that you strive towards each day, fills up your body with positive emotions as well as the movement energy needed to make the next call.

3. Take a Mini Vacation

The best tool that can fight off negative stimuli is relaxation.

But relaxation means, consciously doing nothing, which means we must master unconscious relaxation.

So let’s assume, you just got off a call where the prospect said that you were the worst person in the whole world and told you to go jump off the nearest building.

This is possibly the worst scenario a sales call could turn into and this is often what coldest callers dread.

In this extreme case here’s how you access unconscious relaxation.

Step 1 – Imagine there is an old school phone in front of you ringing loudly

Step 2 – Vividly picture yourself looking at the phone and then picture yourself consciously stopping yourself from picking up the phone.

Step 3 – Watch your face getting relaxed and then feel the corresponding relaxation flow across your body

Step 4 – Pick up the phone and get dealing

4. Attach Massive Pleasure to Making the Call

The greatest driver of action for humans is the feeling of pain and pleasure. We reach out to that cup of coffee because there is more mental pleasure in drinking it than avoiding it.

The same goes for any habit both good and bad.  People who meditate and exercise everyday attach more pain to not doing this daily ritual than actually doing it. So to avoid that feeling of mental pain, they wake up earlier than the rest of the population and get started.

So when you feel yourself dreading the next call after a recent rejection, ask yourself,

“Am I attaching pain or pleasure to making this sales call”?

If the answer is Pain, you then ask yourself again,

“How can I attach massive pleasure to making this next sales Call”?

You can then think about all the awesome things that would happen if this next call converts and attach all that pleasure to picking up the phone while making the call.


Ensure the fear of rejection doesn’t heap over your mind with a wave of anxiety.

Remember that the conscious mind can only think about single thought at once. Filling your mind with fear is counterproductive.

Let the outcome of just taking action be your inner motivational coach.

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