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Customer Support Technology in the Era of Trust

Trust – In the absence of this key customer experience factor, brands lack a solid foundation for a consumer base that grows progressively.

Trust has become the binding factor that transforms the business-customer association from being mere transactions to strong relationships.

The Three Pillars of a Strong Business-Consumer Relationship:

  • Lifetime Value: Customer lifetime value does not wholly rest on the customer as the business has a very strong influence on the value a customer adds to the business.
  • Purchase Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is not just about getting what you paid for, but the product/service fulfilling its true purpose and being worth its price.
  • Brand Loyalty: Brand loyalty is earned over a period of time when a business provides a consistently superior customer experience on every purchase/interaction.

While there has been a greater awareness around trust-building, a lot of brands are failing because they are unable to build trust with customers.

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Brand Reputation Determines the Success of Any Business:

In this era of trust, brands have everything to lose and everything to gain from reputation building.

It doesn’t matter what product/service you’re selling, your price points, or the market condition. As long as you’re focused on building and maintaining your brand’s reputation with leads and customers, you’re doing the right kind of business this year.

Customer Service Support Software Builds Trust and Reputation:

When a customer buys a product or service from a brand, he/she is investing in strangers in the hope that what they receive in return exceeds expectations.

  • Interpersonal Business-Customer Conversations: Without dedicated customer support technology, the possibility of interpersonal relationships between a brand and its customer was unimaginable. But customer support technology is giving power to the common consumer to meaningfully connect with any business.

Customer Support in the Era of Trust is Empowering Customers and Businesses to Send Personalized Back-and-Forth Messages.

  • Mobility, Location Independence, and Social Sharing:

Trust between customers and brands thrives in the presence of mobile support technology that’s location-independent and encourages social media sharing.

  • Networking for Customer Service:

Customer service in the trust era is no longer restricted to a call center. In fact, there are three very specific elements which can be connected by customer support technology to create a network for service:

    1. Customer/User Interface
    2. Service Centre/Helpdesk
    3. On-field service agents

The era of trust expects a major overhaul in the way brands are providing customer service. Customer support technology is the missing link that enables trust-building among customers leading to business success.


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