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What is Customer Service Management Software ?

Customer Service Management can be defined as a tool that provides solutions for managing customers and improving workflow. It can track all customer interactions across multiple channels into one platform making the customer support efficient and productive.

Features of Customer Service CRM that your company needs
  • Automations : Customer management software helps your workforce save time and resources by automating various repetitive tasks like organizing, converting queries into tickets, tagging tickets with priority statuses and other routine tasks. This allows teams to focus more on building sustainable relationships with the customers.

  • Mobile App :Service agents who are on the field for service operations can update and view their service task through the mobile app on the go. Instant access to information like client’s location, service details and regular updates will make them more efficient.

  • Agents and Call Tracker :A service CRM software helps you track your agents and monitor them as they initiate, solve and close tickets. Obtain complete details about customer calls by recording the time, length of the conversation and gauge the performance of the agent’s productivity.

  • Multi-Channel Support :A customer service management software can help agents manage large influxes of tickets and queries because customers tend to contact support from multiple channels. The CRM provides a proper structure for this procedure to take place.

  • Ticketing :A customer service software will help in converting queries, comments, and calls into tickets with priority tags. With effective escalation matrix, you can be rest assured that no customer is left hanging.

  • Self Service (KMS) :Not all queries require the complete attention of the service agents. Some issues are common and they come under frequently asked questions. The service CRM software provides access to information that the customers can access themselves and solve minor problems. This saves the agents a lot of time and resources.

  • Reporting :CRM for customer service provides regular reports which can have diverse parameters according to the preference of the business. These regular interval reports help teams be updated with new developments so that they can make informed decisions.

How does it helps in Customer service ?

For Small Business : Small businesses and medium sized businesses have very similar requirements and they require a customer support software with smart automation capabilities. It helps businesses fine tune their services so that they can be more efficient and productive. A help desk software lets you

  • Tag, organize and prioritize incoming quires to improve workflow without backlogs.

  • Have a unified inbox with categories and classifications for better understanding.

  • Honor deadlines for providing suitable customer solutions. Set up SLA policies to make sure the quires are resolved in the given period. When they are not solved Customer service software can also automatically escalate and notify to managers.

  • Ensures that your teams are more productive.

For Enterprises : Enterprises need various teams to work in tandem to achieve targets and a customer relationship management software lets businesses track employee performance and execute strategies based on valuable insights obtained from the CRM. A cloud based customer service software lets you

  • Manage Agent Shifts, geographies, different time zone and language and also reassign agents where they are more effective.

  • Integrate seamlessly with other tools so that billing, payments and tracking packages are streamlined.

  • Collaborate effectively with various teams like sales, marketing, finance and support by using the CRM platform.

  • Helpdesk software needs to be complaint with various certifications for data protection


Kapture Service CRM is a scalable and enterprise-customizable cloud-based CRM Platform for End-to-End Customer Service Management.

Customer Management is Now Smarter and Easier

When a Customer fires in a query, view and track past interactions including Social Media conversations, order history, past issues resolved, and more. Get a snapshot of Customers’ Basic Details in just a glimpse for highly-personalised service and instant resolutions.

customer management is smarter
Faster Ticket Resolution

Dealing with the same issue is now the thing of the past. Setup a trigger-based workflow for frequently received queries and resolve issues faster and better.

faster ticket resolution
Easy Information

Let your agents dive into the required information at any time for solving complex queries. Proactively know the important details of your customer while engaging with them.

easy information
Bulk Actions

Sort, assign, resolve or delete multiple tickets in a single step. Improve your agents’ productivity with bulk actions and focus on delivering solutions.

bulk actions
Categorize & Prioritize

Organize your tickets using tags and folders to ensure a clutter-free inbox. Set different priorities for each ticket so that your agents can start working on issues that require immediate attention.

Categorize and prioritize
Merge Tickets

Merge your multiple tickets in a single thread and improve your agent’s productivity in no time.

merge tickets
Escalation & Alerts

Get instantly notified for unattended issues auto-escalate urgent events to the senior managers with SLAs and escalation matrix.

Escalation and alerts

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