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5 Sales CRM Tools That Optimize Customer Acquisition

Sales CRM Tool

Businesses have found it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep one.

The cost of acquiring a new lead is not a number one can sneeze at. In fact, unless your leads are qualified and willing to listen to your message, your acquisition strategy needs a good long stare.

In order to engage potential customers across multiple devices in multiple channels, you need data. And with CRM software, you are able to create a 360-degree overview of each person you connect with.

As the number of channels to acquiring customers are diversifying, the sales funnel that you put them into needs to ordered and easily manageable.

A Sales Management CRM is an easy to use cloud-based solution that companies use to manage, prioritize and analyze their sales processes on a single dashboard.

In this article we look at the five tools that a sales CRM offers that optimize your customer acquisition strategy;

1. Omni-channel Lead Inbox

This inbox serves as the single window for leads from all your channels. The inbox looks similar to a Gmail one, but the only difference is – you can converse, chat, email or even text leads from within a single window.

As soon as a lead is generated, it appears in this box. The inbox has all the information about the lead including, names, phone and web chats. The CRM Software auto allocates a new lead to your sales team as well.

2. Lead Management Tools

Once a lead has been generated. It’s time to qualify them. The lead scoring tools let you tag new leads as Hot, Warm or Cold prospects.

A salesman can also set up follow up appointments from here. These notifications can be set according to when your next follow up is. Prior to the date of follow up, a notification is generated.

You can even update the further enquiry actions here based on your last conversation with the prospect.

3. Sales Reporting Tools

To ensure that your cost per lead is at its lowest, the Sales cloud reporting offers us reports on our lead source performance. You can also look at the number of closures for leads generated from individual channels.

The individual sales performance report shows you data on the activities of your team like the number of calls made, the number of leads generated etc.

5. Daily Planner

Sales teams can receive clear instructions on their daily follow-ups and client meetings through notifications set up via the daily planner. This tool lets you choose the clients/ leads you are chasing and lets you assign it to individuals in the team. Each of them then gets a notification on their updated task list.

4. Mobile CRM

The mobile CRM is a great way to make face to face meetings a highly effective tool to pre-select good prospects. The lead scoring tools in the phone can be used tag leads, set up follows and close more deals.

The geotagging tools show you where your sales team is in the field and ensures that no fake check in’s are done via the application.


With the power of the Omnichannel inbox and lead management tools, the CRM is the ideal software for a sales team to manage, prioritize and follow up with the right leads. While acquiring customers, the ratio of dollars spent on acquisition to customer lifetime value needs to optimize. The CRM offers data that can be translated into actionable insights for this purpose. With a 360-degree view of a customer’s purchase history, you can maximize your upsells to increase – dollars earned per customer acquired.

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