Lead Management System

How to eliminate cold leads from lead management system

Lead Management System

In the age of lead nurturing and prospect management, you can always end up spending too much time on a lost cause. When a business spends too much time on a prospect that seems to have dwindling chances of conversion, there goes the valuable business time.

While the Lead Management System is important, taking an old school approach and eliminating the bottom 5% of leads is significant for your long-term efficiency. Here are sure signs that could help you cut the excess slack leads and build an efficient lead management process.

1. Lack of Progress over Meetings

Even in the light of long sales cycles, you should be looking at progress in a given scale of time. If you think that you are just attending prospects with no measurable improvements, you should make out that your prospects have much more spare time than you could dispense. For this, you should keep a clear timetable of recording meeting progress. Like reaching close to a sales number, escalation of the meeting, arranging client meetings etc…

2. Create a Checklist for Dropping-off Prospects

Rather than trying to think through handling every prospect, creating a checklist enables you to manage every situation in a much easier way. This allows you to start off with a list of possible prospects in every opportunity.

3. Prospects are Evasive

 When Prospects come off as evasive to your phone calls or emails, it’s better to find more interesting prospects. It requires you to find a list of evasive prospects. A customer account system lets you manage conversations without being persistent.

4. Puts forth Nonsense Deals

The easiest way to shake off a persistent seller is to put forth an inconceivably impossible deal. If your prospects create such a deal, understand that they are most likely not to come on board. Rather than trying to come on agreeable terms, moving ahead could let you create more amicable deals.

5. Being Contradictory

If your prospect seems to be selfcontradictory, there could be only two possible conclusions – doesn’t know what he wants or he is being contradictory for the sake of being contradictory. Both these scenarios could suddenly turn sour.

6. Prospect Seems Crazy

As irreverent as it may sound, according to statistics a significant portion of people has mental issues. More possibly, there could be a lack of knowledge which they are trying to hide through sounding unintelligible. This makes your conversations simple and direct.

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