The Ultimate Guide To Selecting The Right Type of Helpdesk Software

The Ultimate Guide To Selecting The Right Type of Helpdesk Software

Customer service is an integral part of any business. Most businesses execute this by managing a customer support team. But, when the team does not quite communicate the same way or is not on board with your continued vision for the business, running anything but a smooth ship could be difficult.

However, with so many options available to find the right fit for your business, this article will help guide you through six different types of help desk ticketing systems and how they stack up to one another.


Helpdesk software overview

A helpdesk or service desk is a proactive system that provides centralized information and support management service to handle a company’s internal or external queries. It limits the need for in-person complaints by automatically sending tickets through the help desk software, approving them, and notifying staff that helps the customer.

Choosing the right type of helpdesk software has a lot of benefits for customers and businesses. Help desk software can be programmed to solve any task, which allows it to handle customer service and IT needs from configuration to operations.

There are many types of help desk software at our disposal to enjoy. Following are a few different software types in this category for you to choose what is best for your business.


Types of helpdesk software

There are six types of helpdesk software: web-based, enterprise, internal, on-premises, open-source, and cloud. Each has its own set of benefits depending on your needs. Let’s take a look at each:


Web-based Helpdesk Software

Web-based helpdesk software is one of the more popular options. The software is available from anywhere through a web browser and it doesn’t require any installation or hardware.

Especially if your company has a lot of remote employees and customers, you need a web-based help desk that can be accessed easily on the go. It also means you’ll never have to worry about updates or upgrades because the whole platform is always up to date.


Enterprise Helpdesk Software

Companies with a larger customer base who need more advanced functionality and support will want enterprise help desk software. This includes new features like email ticketing, document management, escalations, and customized compliance. These systems are typically more expensive than other options but offer the most customization and scalability.


Internal Helpdesk Software

An internal help desk is typically operated by the organization that provides the product or service. It is an extension of the company and usually offers a more personalized experience to its customers. Internal help desks are beneficial because they have all of the documentation, knowledge, and history relevant to each customer.

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t need a full-featured solution, internal help desk software is a good place to start. You can train your team in this type of software and provide them with the relevant tools so they can resolve customer issues without having to call out for support from an external provider.


On-premises Helpdesk Software

An on-premises helpdesk software solution is the ideal environment for companies looking to operate their own IT department. These solutions offer a personalized, customizable, and scalable experience. This type of software is typically installed on a company’s server, which gives you total control over your data’s security. With this type of software, there are no external costs for installation or monthly fees so you can save money in the long term.


Open Source Helpdesk Software

Open-source software, or free software that anyone can adopt, use, and edit as they see fit, is a powerful tool for small businesses with limited funds. In today’s economic climate, it’s easier than ever to replace any expensive code necessary to function. It is popular among major companies such as Facebook and Apple.

When you start looking at support software, it’s important to know what your business needs are so that you can match your requirements with the right type of product. Open source help desk software is a great way to save on your operating costs without sacrificing quality, control, and capacity. And it is also well-known for its flexibility, speed, security, and reliability.


Cloud Helpdesk Software

Cloud-based helpdesk software allows you to remotely manage your help desk from any device. This is beneficial for a handful of reasons. First, it eliminates bottlenecks in your IT infrastructure and increases the responsiveness of your customer service teams. Secondly, it saves time by letting IT staffers offload the help desk functions to others outside of the company.

If your company is looking to give its customers the best possible experience, cloud helpdesk software is a beneficial option. This type of software operates in the cloud, eliminating any downtime and allowing for 24/7 support. When a customer reaches out, they can select from a list of FAQs or submit their ticket with enough detail for someone to begin work on it.


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