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The Customer Journey Funnel: Key to Sustainable Growth

The customer journey is a precise overview of every movement a lead takes on their way to becoming a paying subscriber, whereas the customer journey map is a framework that organizations use to sell to leads directly, at various phases of the purchase process.

The key distinction between the customer journey and sales funnel is that the former works to convert traffic into subscribers and prospects into customers whilst the latter represents the overall path a person takes from attention to assessment to acquisition.

The Customer Journey Funnel Key to Sustainable Growth-01

“Aligning sales and marketing is about achieving a common goal: delivering or exceeding revenue per quarter. Clear expectations and communication make success possible. 

-Craig Rosenberg


What exactly is a customer funnel and how can you improve it?

The customer funnel is a consumer-focused marketing model that depicts the hypothetical roadmap of a customer towards a product or service purchase.

Customer funnel models come in several shapes and sizes, but they all follow the same basic framework.

The funnel usually includes numerous phases, with the broadest component at the top narrowing as buyers progress down the funnel.

The Customer Journey Funnel Key to Sustainable Growth-01


What is a Customer Journey Funnel and how does it work?

The term ’funnel’ is often used in marketing and sales spectrums although it is rarely used in customer service. The route your consumers take from purchasing a product to becoming committed brand advocates is referred to as a customer journey funnel. 

The support funnel is divided into four stages: onboarding, after-sales service, retention, and advocacy.

It is used by successful organizations to determine where they are losing clients and how to properly meet their demands at each phase to build healthy long partnerships.

Businesses can use the funnel to track how well they’re recruiting new clients thereby turning them into paying customers.

The Customer Journey Funnel Key to Sustainable Growth-01


What are the 4 main stages of a Customer Journey?

The Customer Journey Funnel Key to Sustainable Growth-01


  • Education

This is the most important thing because giving clarity to your customers on how a problem is being addressed makes them understand the product and service better. 

This is about more than effectively telling your prospects about the amazing things your product can do—though that is often a component of the communication. Your primary attention must be on your intended customers’ trouble areas. 


  • Research

Knowing your customer’s problem and finding the right solutions or suggesting one requires in-depth knowledge and for doing that a proper research procedure should be followed. 

Explore ways to link your solutions to their problem statements, as well as how marketing value is related to it.


  • Assessment & Approval

Remember that many of the leads you receive via email, social media, or other channels are almost definitely looking at other options in addition to yours, weighing aspects like price and convenience. This is where the brand begins to play an integral role in the whole experience.


  • Justification for the decision

Make it plain to your customers because choosing your brand is in their best interests. Find new and inventive approaches to persuade customers to make a purchase. Demonstrate how the value of your items justifies your pricing. 

Provide social validation that backs up their study and thought process. Show that the quality they will receive is more significant than the cost.


How to Generate the Best Customer Journey Funnel That Works?

It’s one thing to understand the foundations of customer journey funnels, it’s another to put them into action. So let’s find out how we can achieve them.

Setting up a customer journey funnel correctly requires seven steps:


Step 1: Establishment of Objectives

You must first identify your objectives before you can construct a customer journey funnel.

  • The purpose behind building the strategy.
  • Expectations for the funnel.
  • Getting a successful ultimate result that will reflect the numbers while encouraging more repeat purchases, or bringing in new customers.

When you’ve established your objectives, you can begin planning your approach by drawing up a customer roadmap.


Step 2: Creation of a Customer Journey Roadmap

After you’ve established your objectives, you’ll need to map out the customer’s current path.

This entails comprehending what occurs at each stage of the funnel and taking actions to encourage clients to complete the entire process.


Step 3: Location of Fall-Off Spots

The next step is to figure out where customers are leaving the funnel.

Examine your rate of conversion and customer reviews to accomplish this.

Figure out where you believe you can improve your current funnel as you draw it out, then bridge those ideas with where customers are slipping off.

They are good prospects for improvement if they are aligned.


Step 4: Development of Plans to Address Fall-Off Spots

You’ll need to come up with a plan to fix the problem once you’ve determined from which fall-off spots the customers are departing.

You can utilize this data to find ways to improve the client experience while also increasing profits.

Creating new material, increasing customer service, or redesigning your website are all possibilities.


Step 5: Evaluation and Improvement

You must examine and enhance your plan after you have it in place.

This guides in conducting your approach into action and monitoring its effectiveness.


Step 6: Outcome Evaluation

Lastly, you must evaluate the outcomes of your funnel and make any necessary changes.

Activities involve keeping track of conversion rates, client feedback, and other performance indicators.


Step 7: Following the Loop

Regular monitoring of outcomes and making changes as needed is the greatest solution to enhance your customer journey funnel.

The approach becomes way simpler as you go through the stages of modeling your customer journey funnel and then making efforts to optimize it.


Kapture simplifies your Customer Journey Funnel

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Kapture is well aware of how tough it is to increase brand awareness. It’s even more difficult to turn those customers into paying clients. So we’ve come up with a solution: choose Kapture’s one suite to acquire all the necessary details of the customer and make their journey personalized for achieving success.


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