Sales Automation

The Ultimate Guide To Sales Automation

Do you own or manage a business?

If yes, your sales flow might look something like this:

Your sales team generates leads on a regular basis, and some of them get converted as clients.

But, have you ever wondered how some of your leads disappear at various stages of the sales flow, and most of the times you are unable to figure out what happened to those leads.

Here are a few of such scenarios you might have come across:

  • Have you lost a closure just because you forgot to follow up?
  • Do you have a hard time trying to locate the customer data?
  • You don’t know what your sales teams are up to
  • You are unable to keep up with the lead flow
  • You overlooked an issue in your sales process for a dangerously long time

If you can relate to any of the scenarios, the answer to all your selling woes is Sales automation.



What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation is when a business leverages technology to automate sales processes through static roles. The Sales automation tools eliminate the time consuming and manual tasks done by the sales reps, and managers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Sales automation tools help businesses dramatically improve sales efficiency, accuracy, and return of investment, and of course, sticky notes.

Sales Automation for Business Owners:

With sales automation, there is no loss of leads, reports and pipelines can be evaluated objectively, and the managers and leaders are in the loop about what’s happening on a daily basis.

Automated Reporting

On average, the Sales manager spends close to 20 hours a week to generate and analyse reports.

An automation tool can eliminate that mundane task. It provides a plethora of reports at a click of a button, aiding the managers with data-backed insights like how many calls were made, what is the pipeline, the individual performance of sales reps, how many follow-ups are pending, and many more. This list keeps going on.

Kapture Dashboard

The tools generate reports based on the company objectives or KPIs to improve the sales flow. Basically, these keep sales leaders in sync with what KPIs their reps are focusing on and assist them in optimizing the sales flow.

Lead Distribution

Lead management CRM assigns leads based on geography, the product of interest, company size, closest sales-person, or a combination of various criteria.

Lead Distribution

It will eradicate the task of manually assigning leads which takes up precious time and bandwidth of the managers.

Pipeline Management

When you deal with a large number of leads, it can be difficult to understand which leads to focus on.

Tools like Kapture CRM, help you prioritize your focused leads with tags like Hot, Warm, and Cold for better conversions.

Pipeline Management

You can segregate your leads based on the specific criteria and auto-allocate it to the right personnel.

Sales Automation Tools for Sales Reps:


Day in and day out, most of the working hours of sales representatives are spent in lead prospecting.

Automation in outbound prospecting not only helps in finding leads in lesser time but also helps in generating leads of good quality. Reps can use tools like LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator to prospect leads using custom filters like job title, industry, and many more.

Tools like Leadfuze can help filter these prospects, segment them, and also save them automatically.

Sell From Multiple Sources:

Contrary to the traditional norms, sales are not done through calling alone. With customers present across multiple channels, it has become mandatory for a business to empower their reps with multichannel sales ecosystem.

A multi-channel approach ensures that you never miss out on any opportunity.

Sell From Multiple Sources

Our omnichannel CRM enables reps to track leads from the website, call, chat, email, social channels, and funnel every lead into one single dashboard and define a lead status for each prospect (Hot, Warm, and Cold). Your sales team must engage with the potential leads from their preferred channel at the right time to shorten your sales cycle.

Deal Negotiation

58% of deals are stalled due to lack of price negotiation about the product. Without the complete information of the pricing metrics, most of the sales reps struggle to focus on the special pricing requests by leads.

A sales automation tool enables the reps to view complete customer interaction history, detailed analysis of the pricing proposed, and perform an end-to-end comparison of proposed pricing for different segments.

Deal Negotiation

With Kapture CRM, you can access the multiple deal management capabilities like real-time price metrics, calculate deal preference levels, approvals for particular deals, and seamless integration with Third-party Scoring Engines.

Predictive Engagement

Predictive engagement leverages AI to guide sales reps on what to do with a qualified lead. This can include suggesting certain pieces of content they can send to the lead or sending automated reminders.

On average, Sales reps spend more than 8 hours a week searching for information and another 20 hours a week sending email reminders.

Now think, with Sales automation, your reps will have ample time to focus on important tasks like closures and deal negotiations.

Personalized Journey for Different Customers

Catering a more personalized and native experience will definitely lead to increased sales revenue.

With the emergence of multi-channel communication outlets, customers prefer real-time based answers, relevant content, and dynamic social interaction.

Personalized Journey for Different Customers

Kapture Sales CRM is a great option for this since it allows you to view all deal details, the status of each lead, create a custom workflow, and map customer journey from a unified dashboard.

Using automation software in your sales process will ensure that all your “ok ok” sales days become your best days.

You can close more sales deals, more efficiently and more consistently – allowing your business to grow exponentially.


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