How to Avoid Customer Churn with Life Time Value Optimization Strategies that Keep Your Funnels Filling Up with Qualified Prospects

To successfully market a product one must focus his message towards the customers’ basal ganglia, an area of the brain associated with involuntary actions.

That’s why the word FREE is so prevalent in today’s ad campaigns because free instigates a response primal to our ego which encourages action bringing us to our first principle of customer retention…

1. Move Up the Free Line

Customer engagement is a primer to maximizing profits.

To keep existing customers coming back for more, you need to develop a free info campaign that makes your product a habit inducer.

For example, if you were selling Hair extensions, you would need a strategy wherein the content you put up brings women back for more tips.

You need to trigger a habit pattern where hair styling tips = your brand.

This ensures you have what marketing author Seth Godin calls “A Purple Cow”. A purple cow is an element of your business that sets you apart from everyone else. It’s that unique thing that you offer that no one else does.
The easiest way to build this feeling is to build an email list and create one free video training every week.

Try For Free

2. Use Blog Posts to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Leads who have made a purchase but have been pretty inactive can be encouraged to visit your website again through blog posts.

You can run a customer lifetime optimization sequence.

As soon as a lead enters your funnel, you put him through a welcome series followed by 5 to 6 sales emails.

You segment that email list into folks who have not opened your emails and retarget them with blog posts via emails.

Once a person views a blog post you drop a cookie on their website.

You then retarget them with your products using Facebook pixel remarketing.

These segments will further be divided into people who have clicked on your blog post link in your emailer vs those who didn’t.

You further segment your audience – targeting those who opened didn’t open the blog post mailers with email invites to a free webinar.

This keeps you in their inbox and avoids unsubscribes because you are providing value.

 3. Run Weekly Webinars Leading Upto a Launch

Weekly webinars are the best sales platform to influence viewers with a need for your services.

You can set up an email campaign inviting people for webinars.

Once you have 100 to 150 leads on your email list – you run a free 90-minute webinar offering cool tips and tricks adjacent to your core offering.

Do four webinars and in the fourth one make a pitch on a special offer.

This ensures that people on your list are aware that they have an industry expert offering them upfront value. Even if they don’t open your emails they don’t leave your list.

In future, as their pain points get stronger you will be the first person they turn to.

4. Use exit-intent pop-ups with a customized email sequence

Exit-intent pop-ups are those windows that pop up offering you bonuses to prevent you from leaving the website without taking action.

A list built on an exit-intent pop-up will have higher open rates, will ensure that you capture customers who are unsure about purchasing.

These pop-ups can be added to your blogs, homepage and free training.

Customer churn is about the disconnect in your relationship with prospects. When they no longer find value in your messages, you get lost in a sea of Advertising campaigns that offer more value than you.

Keeping customers alive in a lead pool means thinking long term.

You need to create training that builds trigger of authority in their mind.

Once you realize the beauty of content-driven customer lifetime value optimization, your funnels will remain high converting sales machines.

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