Kapture Strategies for improving a business's customer focus

Strategies For Improving a Business’s Customer Focus

Many businesses fail to meet their company goals and objectives because they do not take a customer-focused approach and they are profit-driven, disregarding the very individuals who contribute to the development and success of the firm. This needs a greater emphasis on the customer. So, how can you enhance your customer focus?

Hilton Suggests is a great example – An initiative launched by Hilton hotels in the year 2009 focuses on long-term partnerships with like-minded travel lovers by delivering authentic, local travel recommendations.

While there are several customer service-oriented social platforms in the business, HiltonSuggests is unique as it focuses on progressive communications, with the team actively offering personalized, unique local suggestions to travelers around the world on Twitter.

There is no sales goal associated with this program and it wants to highlight its founder’s purpose to fill the world with the light and warmth of hospitality on a regular basis.

This is the best example of a customer-focused project since they not only utilize social media monitoring to listen to their customers’ grievances but also aim to create a wonderful experience for their possible future consumers.

An omnichannel-powered CRM system like Kapture’s helps in monitoring the complaints or inquiries coming through different social media channels into a unified platform.

Importance of customer service experience in different countries

Customer service experience in different countries

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What is customer focus?

Every business needs loyal customers to scale its business. Customer focus is one of the most essential elements of gaining genuine and loyal customers.A customer-centric approach to everything you do as a business puts you in a better position to establish connections, assist customers in reaching their goals, and boost customer satisfaction.

According to a report by PwC, among all customers, 73% point to experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, behind the price and product quality.

“Your customers have demands. They aren’t what you think” – PwC

Strategies to build an effective customer focus

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

Every entrepreneur must understand the importance of customer attention. Customers have the ability to influence the destiny of any organization and must be prioritized at all times. If a customer has a complaint or a problem, it is your organization’s job to assist them in resolving it and make sure that it is not repeated again.

Customers are the essence of a business and strategies to build an effective customer-focused business can help you in keeping them happy and satisfied.

These are a few strategies that can help you build a customer-focused business.

1. Customers got your back if you work on their “feedback”

The first step to building a customer-focused business is by listening to the customers and working on their feedback. This will make them believe that the company truly respects and values the feedback provided by them.

Whether the feedback is good or bad, make sure to reply and let your consumers know you hear them. This increases the likelihood that they will find it useful to discuss it with you the next time you require it.

Making sure customers don’t have to repeat their complaints and information every time they connect with your company is one method to make them feel heard. This is rather simple to accomplish with dependable CRM software.

In a study performed by NewVoiceMedia, it was discovered that 58% of people will never use a company again after just one bad experience. It is your job to the client to go above and beyond to meet or exceed their expectations.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.” Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

All the departments of a business need to work together and coordinate well to build a customer focus business.

The customer support department is not solely responsible for creating a magical customer experience for the customers. The other departments also need to do their part smoothly and coordinate with the required teams to enhance the customer experience.

For example, if the customer support team gets the same negative feedback about the product or service again and again then it needs to reach the department that can work and rectify the problem.

Kapture’s one suite comes with a feature that tags the issue, keeps track of the repeated issues, and assigns it to the most suitable agent. This helps in resolving the queries faster and eliminating the repeated issue and assigning it to the most suitable department. In a way, it helps in keeping all the departments of the company connected to create a customer-focused business.

3. Customer preferred channels to connect with the brand

Let the customer decide the channel of communication through which they would like to reach you. It may be a primitive medium like mobile call or email or message or it may be the new medium that is the social media platforms. 

A customer-focused business is built by making your customers feel comfortable in connecting with the brand by giving them their preferred channel to communicate. 

Create an omnichannel experience for your customers with the help of our Kapture’s one suite which brings in queries and complaints coming from different platforms to a unified dashboard. 

To optimize your customer support, the platform also includes self-service portals and a knowledge management system, as well as automated workflows.

4. Personalize the experience with the data you have

Create a customer flow chart to fully understand your customers’ behavior. Mapping out the customer journey allows you to put yourself in their shoes and discover their needs at each stage and interact with your company.

Companies no longer have to guess what their consumers want or decide for them, thanks to the rising amount of data accessible on the internet. Instead, they can take a look at the trends and understand the needs.

Combine all of your customer data and make it available to all departments and divisions inside your organization. This enables your teams to gain a clearer view of their customer relationships, link insights, choose the right customer focus tools to deploy and make data-driven choices to improve the customer experience.

The data gathered and used wisely can help in creating a customer-centric environment for the customers.

Kapture’s one suite comes with automatic reporting which sends analyzed reports to your inbox with the option of 1000+ reporting formats.

Kapture one suite comes with automatic reporting

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5. Use AI to meet your customer’s needs

The use of AI and machine learning to collect and analyze social, historical, and behavioral data allows companies to obtain a far more accurate picture of their consumers. 

Unlike traditional data analytics software, AI learns and improves from the data it analyses on a continual basis, and it can predict client behavior. This enables companies to deliver highly relevant information, increase sales possibilities, and make it more customer-focused.

According to a recent Capgemini report titled AI and the Ethical Conundrum, 54 percent of customers said they have daily AI-enabled interactions with businesses, such as chatbots, digital assistants, facial recognition, and biometric scanners.

Create an interactive interface with the Kapture AI chatbot that can respond to customers based on their queries. Quick automated answers can point clients in the proper direction. This helps in creating a customer-focused environment for your customers.

Business value Forecast by AI type

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6. Pool in the right tools to your employees

Technology plays an important role in creating a customer-focused environment for your business. Helpdesk systems can help in providing quick resolution to the customers and actually working on the feedback given by them.

Because the process of prioritizing work and addressing requests looks to be more structured, it can also change the customer support team’s attention from just serving a customer to genuinely assisting them in resolving their problems.

It becomes easier to handle several channels and allows customers to contact a specific organization in the way they like, tailor interactions, increase customer engagement, and receive an overall understanding of each inquiry, thereby enhancing customer service quality. All of this leads to a better customer experience, which is one of the goals of a customer-focused strategy.

Benefits of CRM Software

The importance of customer focus

To be successful, the organization must put the customer first, which demands distinctive customer service. Developing a customer focus is the greatest way to produce exceptional customer satisfaction.

Businesses that are close to their customers can develop a better knowledge of them, their expectations, and what they need to do to satisfy those demands. The greater the distance between an organization and its customers, on the other side, the greater the probability of failure.

70% of unhappy customers whose problems are resolved are willing to shop with a business again.

Important points for customer-focused business

Important points for customer-focused business

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Being customer-focused puts you in a better position to assist your consumers in an honest manner. Your customer will sense and see that you are putting an additional effort to grasp their condition and truly understand them in order to help them go where they want to go.

Adequately connecting with customers or clients also puts you in a position to determine what you can do to offer value for them in order to collect benefits in return. Developing deep relationships with customers is a solid approach to ensure that your company flourishes even in the middle of a bad economy.

70% of the customer’s journey is dictated by how the customer feels they are being treated.

Real-life examples of customer focus

Building a customer-focused business takes a lot of time and effort. There are companies that are working and improving their customer-focused strategies in order to provide the best customer experience. Let us take a look at some of the most customer-centric companies.

1. Adidas

One of the most popular shoemakers of the world just because it values its customers takes their feedback and works on them to create a better product.

Adidas allows their customers to create a customized shoe in which customers can write anything they want on their shoes and Adidas also gives them 20 different color options which is a pretty wide range of choices for the customers.

Recommendations are based on critical information such as demographic data, psychographic data, and previous purchasing activity with the company.

These intelligent recommendation engines have shown to be quite beneficial in terms of upselling and cross-selling for the company.

2. Warby Parkers

The chatbot found on Warby Parkers is the most customer-focused environment seen on the internet today.

The chatbots collect the data from the user by asking them questions about their choices and preferences and what they are looking for and then analyzing the data to give the most suitable product.

Bots help the customers in the following ways: 

  • Streamline items for consumers based on their preferences and assist them in quickly locating the product
  •  Learn which product qualities appeal to customers quickly
  • Customer segmentation may be done depending on their preferences.
  • These chatbots can assist organizations in obtaining extremely useful psychographic data.

Delivering the product according to the preferences of the customers makes the company more customer-centric and makes customers feel more valued.

Focusing on meeting particular consumer demands and leaving them pleased may tremendously improve your bottom line and keep your organization ahead of the competitors. When organizations begin to focus on their customers, they develop a more human brand that is driven by connections rather than revenues or criteria.

How can Kapture help?

With the help of analytical reports, omnichannel support, AI-powered chatbots, and many more exciting features that come with Kapture’s one suite, you can build a more customer-centric environment for your organization.

If you want to know more about efficient CRMs like Kapture click here for a demo.

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