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Smartphone Invoice Management: Empowering Your Android Mobile With Greater Financial Powers

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Technology is no longer restricted to the realm of desktops and laptops, with complex and functional capabilities becoming increasingly available on smartphones and tablets, essentially converting it into a palm-sized computer that can manage the important aspects of your business effectively.

An organization grows by serving more customers, and by completing more sales. This calls for the need to be able to complete the sales process as swiftly as possible in order to keep the conveyor belt running without stoppages.
In order to optimize a sales process, the elements of that process must be identified. Generally, this includes recognizing the prospective leads, engaging them with the company’s offerings, negotiating and closing the deal, and finally supporting the customer post-sales. From the perspective of the company’s finances, shortening the sales cycle allows completing more meetings with other customers, which leads to significantly more sales in the same period of time.

Priority User Management:

Not all leads are the same; some customers may have a larger scope of business as compared to the rest. They may be inclined to purchase more products or services from the company, or they may come with a large band of referrals. Either way, it is only logical for the company to allocate their resources to pursue these clients first and boost their business.

For streamlining this process, a sales executive can remotely track customer data and any other information that will allow them to plan ahead of a sales meeting and close a deal as effectively as possible. The sales executive no longer needs to carry a laptop with them, since all the CRM invoice management software tools are now fully available on their smartphone. This helps the executive immensely in working on-the-go, since all the data can be looked up whenever required.

Mobile Approvals:

Another advantage of using a sales CRM software on a smartphone is that it removes some of the redundant steps that are involved in a traditional sales cycle. Usually, when a sales executive meets up with a customer and successfully sells them a product, they must go back to the office and manually submit the order to the sales manager, so that they can peruse the details of the document and approve it.
By using mobile CRM, the executive no longer needs to leave the meeting location to get an approval from the manager – everything becomes accessible to the manager through the cloud CRM database. New orders are instantly uploaded to the cloud, wherein the manager can easily view and approve or reject it, and the sales executive can relay the information to the client, all in a matter of minutes.

Automatic Invoice Generation:

Once a deal has been finalized, the company must send an invoice to the client to document the sale. Instead of manually creating an invoice and physically delivering it through mail, it can be automatically generated as soon as the order is completed – by using the order information from the CRM database – and sent directly to the client through an e-mail.

The invoice management system can also be customized to incorporate any tax structures that have been set by the authorities and may vary amongst products, industries, or service type. Once the tax rate is set, the CRM invoice management software tool can automatically adjust the final price to include all taxes and eliminate the numerous iterations of repetitive calculations.

All these processes are logged in the system, which provides accountability for the company. Every detail related to an order is integrated with the customer data, which lets the sales manager access any bit of information whenever they want, from wherever they are.

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