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Customer engagement stratergy

Engaged Customers generate higher revenues. It’s true!

The success dynamics in modern business come down to this simple and obvious observation. But it also seems to be an abstract and unclear objective. This leads to a number of further questions.

Should I invest heavily on social media marketing? How should I send periodic reminders and messages? Do I need to make changes and changes to my customer service?

In the end, you simply finish the day trying to combine different channels and platforms. Instead of this, CRM-based customer engagement strategy enables you to manage and communicate with your prospects. This also allows you to streamline your predisposed customer obligations in their easiest manner.

This allows you to engage more productively with your customers and prospects. You can also tailor specific strategies that increase your customer satisfaction levels.

In this article, we will be discussing about definite ways to engage with your prospects using CRM software. We will also discuss about the significance or issues that could be averted by using these methodologies. This the makes CRM solution into a premier business solution.

Create and Convert Better Up-selling Opportunities

Today, the successful business generates the lion’s share of their revenue through recurring or existing customers.

This is obvious in the study compiled by marketing metrics.

For this, organizations attract customers through setting-up Freemium options or basic packages. Afterwards, they thrive on selling various customer upgrades or up selling options.

This means that up selling and upgrades form a core aspect of your existing business strategy. It also lets you acquire and assimilate a better circle of prospects.

In-order to work out this strategy, you need to keep-up providing a unique value of exchange to the current customer roaster.

According to statistics, a higher level of customer engagement leads to better customer retention and usage. This means that customer engagement gives the highest value amongst different service exchanges.

In-turn, this will present you with a better opportunity to up-sell your product.

Kapture CRM lets you store, combine and manage all customer accounts. It can also store all your previous contact and communication data.

This also lets you store, manage and oversee all previous conversations. This data lets you predict and unearth all potential up selling opportunities.

Having simply achieved recurring revenues, you can also potentially leverage the future cross selling opportunities.

Increase your Product Usage

An easy and direct way to increase your product or service usage is through customer engagement. A higher level of engagement lets you minimize the risks of a passive user base. This helps you to potentially increase the conversion rates and generate more interest among prospects.

This can be increased using various integrated CRM communication utilities such as E-mail, SMS and contact information. It also lets you derive a higher level of focused usage among your customer base.

Build and manage a Better Customer Outlook Profile

Today, customer opinions and reviews play a large part in determining the success of a business. Almost 90% of the online audience claim that customer reviews form a major part of every buying decision. As per 2015 B2B Buyer’s Survey Report, almost a quarter of customers use direct customer opinions to form their results.

In short, whether online or offline customer opinions and reviews could be your most valuable business asset. It’s also one of the hardest to achieve as only 10%-15% of users are found to record their opinion.

The CRM platform lets you maintain and manage all ongoing customer conversations.

This also allows you to assign specific inquiry and follow-up queries to each specific personnel.

Determine and Create the Price-quality graph

As it is, your product sales are determined by your product desirability. By keeping aside the advertising and marketing, you can gain maximum desirability by creating maximum value for a given price.

For this, you need to determine the most customer appeasing and valued utility and features. This lets you determine the value that customer views in your product.

For this, you can selectively collect the predisposed value of each feature as per customer opinion. Afterwards, you can draw a simple graph with this data. This lets you derive the value of each product.

By engaging with a specific circle of prospects, you can also increase your product usage. This enables you to create a detailed graph that incorporates further diverse factors into your price equity graph.


Today, Customer engagement could be the rocket fuel for your business to take it skywards. But without right strategy, it can also be detrimental to profit margins and overall customer value. A CRM platform gives you the right platform and utilities to manage all your customer conversations.

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