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Sales is an integral part of any business. Well, how much ever monotonous it might sound, it still remains a fact and a blog might not probably target its audience right if it didn’t start like that. Simply put, sales is convincing the customer to buy. Or in other words, convincing them that the value offered is greater than the price. Your job is half done. But here’s the trap. This half of it is also quite a task when you are not the only seller, not only product but also price competition, struggle to exist in the market, etc.

Though the list doesn’t end there, if it went longer the next action would probably be quitting this page. So let’s make some sweets and serve you with love.

If you really got a lot of data and finding it difficult even over desktop platforms to manage it, you got to know that there’s much more than data management available at your disposal. Now you can integrate all your platforms that you’ve been using to generate leads on one single base. You can keep a track of numbers coming in from each of them differently and continue or discontinue as per your stats, or as you wish.

If you’re concerned about mismanagement of the order-taking and billing processes, relax! because there are many sales effectiveness software, Go to the play-store. We’ve made a solution available for you right there. Simply download the mobile app, and get going! Your sales guy can now go to take orders empty handed, open the app, show catalogs by simply sliding through the product range, let the customer select, immediately check on the same platform if stocks are available and place an order. This, in other words means that even before the salesman leaves from the customers place, the invoice has been generated and goods made ready for dispatch. Congratulations ! You just got another order!

If you have a really good number of people in your sales team and sales force automation is getting on your nerves then again you can relax. Because, this app that you got in the last para, helps you with this as well! Manage your sales team by tracking their activities from any corner in the world. Yes, that right! If your salesman said his grandmother was ill and he was on a visit to Bhopal, you can now track him down holidaying in Lonavala. You can similarly keep a track of your goods that are being transported and your moods, well that’s not in our hands.

Let’s say by now, the first half of your job is pretty much in place. For the rest, you can schedule all your appointments, and not only that, but schedule them so specific that you make missing the opportunity of converting the prospect into a client, equal to zero. Your wife might miss out once or twice to remind you of lunch, but hey! You’re not gonna miss a single follow up if you’ve put a lead for the same in this mobile app.

Your son and your team guys might try their level best to hide their performance reports from you, and that’s what has been like a tradition both at home and office. But you are the dad, you’re the boss. Behave like one. Right from area wise classification to individual analysis, right from stock status to market demands and inquiries; everything so clear and specific that you would feel like you were on the top of the world! If not, you’d at least know how you got to make it there.

Sales automation, marketing automation,and performances, maintaining regular follow ups and keeping a check on the reports are like some of the most basic features offered in this sales effectiveness software or sales management software. If you really start with this one, you’ll soon realize that it was as easy as molding the clay in any shape that you wanted. Surprisingly enough in a figure you always wanted.

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