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Pre Sales Software for Tracking Sales Team

pre sales software

here are two types of timelines in this world; one with gestation periods, and two- those without any such gestation. For eg. A 21 day wait for the egg to hatch or maybe 42 days if it were from an ostrich mom. A hundred days in approx for a lioness to conceive and 9 months for the most interestingly hilarious creatures on earth. 4 years for a world cup or the same for a leap year. All of these fall in the first category. Guess who tops the charts in the second type? O yes! It’s the time you take to convert a lead into a customer. Its just the most unpredictable of all! But hey! Nothing to worry about, you’ve got something called pre sales software to relieve you from these everyday worries of managing your business, your sales, purchases, accounts, reports,communication; just everything.

There’s this one cloud based platform that allows you to not only keep a track of your sales but also give it a course of action with firmly structured pre sales activities. With a competitive market in place, one looks out for excellence in all activities involved. So if processes like production and distribution are outsourced it is of utmost importance to keep a tab on all of them to avoid any kind of ups and downs. Not necessary that all of this has to come at a cost that’s too much.

You got an option to cut down all the hardware and networking hassles, to keep away from horrors of loss of data and to maintain distance from the ‘memory full’ indications. You have a set of endless features at your disposal because anything that’s limited today, is out of fashion. Everything ought to be unlimited. If technology has gone miles ahead of what you can even imagine, here’s your chance to create one for yourself! You want a pin or a plane or a super smart brain, just think of what exactly you want in your business and we make it possible for you on a cloud based platform.

Experience sales team tracking with GPS that makes it possible for you to actually track em’ from anywhere on the earth. So boss, now you know exactly when you team members reach clients’ office and where they are in the name of field activities. Its not just a pre sales software, but much more that offers complete customization, pre and post sales automation, marketing automation, campaign management and data security to name a few. All you got to do is pull out that phone from your pocket and start Kapturing.

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