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LOL, it’s Mobile.
How many of us above the age of 20 (because in the last 10 years things have changed) have faced situations where you actually asked for a permission to turn on the computer (a term that is probably far lost in the jargons of desktops and tablets; hardly does somebody use a COMPUTER) ? How many of us did loudly boast about our dads owning a mobile phone, though it was just a 3300 ? And how many of us have then pleaded to our dads to let us play a snake game? Well, even if you haven’t, you can never again! Because today, you might probably have to ask the kids if the net on their phones was working when yours was low! Dude, the world has changed.

Yesterday 98% were admiring some 2% Symbian users and today, over a billion smart people own over-smart phones. With letters and telegrams completely shutting down; there’s no exchange of mail between the male and female, just the e-mail. The rest three billion+ share their feelings over SMSes. Mobiles have not just taken over the traditional modes of communication, but have also seriously threatened the desktops. Over the past two years in specific, the number of people using internet over a mobile has crossed the desktop internet users. Now who wouldn’t believe that this is an addiction that doesn’t leave you alone anywhere? Homes or offices, trains or buses, whoosh even in the loo one carries the phone along! A huge 86% of us use the phones when watching TV. Games, social networking, browsing, news, music, maps and videos; all have shifted to the mobile! Not just this, but even the business management, exchange of amazing ideas, help from anyone at crucial times from anywhere, instant contact and loads of data sharing has found its place in one’s palm.

When you know that this is the route everyone is taking, yet all with a difference from others (at least that’s what every single mobile company claims) why not make it bend to you and not end up you bending to it? Grab all the details of your business right from generating leads, allocating them, managing them through the journey of finally converting them into customers, or in other words right from pin to plane, everything on a mobile phone. Managing mobile CRM software is not just a feature or a facility anymore, it’s become a must. Mobile ERP Software has gone beyond expectations and even beyond the percentage of ‘mobile phone users’ around the world.

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