Operations Management in FMCG

Operations Management in FMCG: Develop and Manage an Optimized Retail Network

Operations Management in FMCG

Are you constantly struggling to make sense of your outdoor field operations? Are you struggling to empower a better work culture?

Even though the field teams remain one of the significant revenue generators for the company, it has been mostly overlooked as recent as a couple of years.

The field team reports their sales progress at the end of the day and your ground team takes it for their word. It has also seen a huge surge in perceived value among recent years.

Employee management is a huge term which includes multifaceted factors, like employee engagement, employee monitoring, performance management, employee retention etc.

Professor Collins’ study shows that compared to companies who do not practice employee management strategies, those companies who do can experience-

  • 22% higher revenue growth
  • 23% higher profit growth
  • Over 66% reduction in employee turnover

But, when it comes to the FMCG industry, it becomes a bit complicated.

FMCG is a completely customer-centric industry. The growth of an FMCG company solely depends upon a customer’s opinion. A higher customer opinion means more products sold, more shelves’ occupied and better margin on every unit.

Strikingly, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel they are being treated. You can influence customer expectation based on personalized product offerings, shorter delivery cycle, stringent quality measures, customer engagement, and brand loyalty.

In order to maintain such high customer expectation, you need to have a great modus operandi for employee and product management.

Do you ever use CRM software for FMCG industry, integrating it with your office system? If not, then it’s the right time to make a decision.

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Handle information throughout the Daily operations

If you ask any experienced distribution manager, they would say that better information management and collaboration is the key to smoother operations.

By diverting your entire interactions through the CRM structure, you can accelerate each process. You can also handle multiple independent activities.

The FMCG CRM software gives the opportunity to manage multiple work activities through a single platform. The cloud-based portal lets you create a work group, add a new employee, set employee hierarchy, assign works and receive the required work reports.

A single effective platform means you do not have to create different portals or integrate multiple applications to communicate. You can get your work done by logging in this application only. It saves you time and makes your work more organized.

This integrated system reinforces the workflow structure and fortifies customer service as well.

Set-up unique employee zones modus operand

When we say fast-moving Consumer Goods, your sales turnover is dependent on the ability to turn the products over to consumers at the earliest.

This makes it necessary to deliver the products as soon as possible and cut down on operational delays.

You can visualize the distribution process as a vicious cycle of order generation, finding shelf space and increasing sales.

FMCG Order Cycle

This, in turn, becomes a vicious process to increase your product sales.

In this situation, your employee’s ability to respond to the customer’s call is also a critical factor. So, usually, the employees get appointed to different areas to ensure faster delivery.

But to successfully execute the entire process of employee allocation and work distribution you need a cloud-based portal for information management.

The CRM application helps you set a suitable protocol to set-up employee zones on the basis of area or geographical position. This allows you to distribute your designated work within your team.

With its favorable features, you can track and get all the information, related to order delivery. You can fortify your employee monitoring and keep-up the recognition for their hard work and dedication.

This ultimately increases your employee engagement and reduces the employee turnover rates too.

Create a faster way to make Decisions

When you are working with a large team, it’s hard to ensure that everyone’s need is always kept in the loop. The lack of information creates misunderstanding and eventually shadows your team spirit.

The CRM employee dashboard creates a better way to manage work responsibilities.

The employee management software lets you set-up an automated reporting hierarchy. Any updated information will be accessible to all the related employee team that ensures that the solution is free from manual errors.

You can set a separate reporting structure for each team, according to the hierarchy.

An employee can report, upload order status, raise tickets for employee enquiry and share it with others. In this method, everyone can know what is happening and where it is happening.


Even you can set call and meeting reminders with different vendors so that your employees can never miss out the important follow-up calls or meeting. Besides, you can get MOM for each meeting through your CRM system.

Meet and Organize Performance Targets

Performance management is one of the present issues of FMCG retail management. If you can’t measure your teams’ performance, you can’t find efficient ways to improve your performances.

The CRM application lets you follow employee performances within the CRM dashboard.

Setting targets for each employee within the system, you can measure the neat result by analyzing the reports based on the CRM application.

It gives you the opportunity to track the employees’ work progress within a unified dashboard view. You can set the time period of the report according to your requirement.


It is crucial that employees are comfortable with each other for better understanding, lesser conflicts and improved productivity. A proper employee management program can ensure that and provide desirable elements for work progression and professional development. It also helps to improve the office environment and work culture that happens to be an essential part of business development.

CRM software for the FMCG industry is an appropriate employee management tool, which shows its results in improved employee retention and increased ROI.


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