5 ways CRM software influences your sales and marketing [Infographic]

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Over the last decade, sales and marketing industry has gone through a lot of changes. You need to adopt and leverage these changes to bring together positive variations in the environment.

With increasing customer demands and ever-changing customer behavior, you need to take a customer-centric behavior to excel in the industry. You need to adapt your new sales and marketing strategies based on available technologies.

Such sales and marketing CRM have dramatically transformed the entire business scenario.

At present, no business organization, whether it’s a small start-up or big company, can begin to integrate the CRM system into their sales operations. Here are some reasons-

Importance of CRM Software (Ingraphic)

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CRM software proves itself to be a game-changing factor for businesses. Now let’s discuss its major impacts-

Take decision to localize or broaden your sales-marketing efforts

Today, salespersons don’t need to follow direct handshake relationships with their prospects to close deals or influence purchase decisions. The online communication makes it easier to find, qualify, and connect with leads — whether they’re in your own town or across the world.

For example, let’s consider the influence of social channels. You can integrate all social channels like Facebook and Twitter into your CRM dashboard. It will also streamline all your important notifications.

Integrating social channels, like Facebook and Twitter with your CRM system helps you to get all the notification that includes comments, messages etc. You can give instant responses to resolve client issues.

Considerably, 25% of Facebook and Twitter users expect a reply to their complaints via social media in less than 1 hour. That makes CRM software indispensable to the marketing and sales team. With integrated CRM software you can manage all the notification and reply to the feedback and queries from a single platform.

Connect and Align sales-marketing activities

Today, finding information is as easy as pressing “Search” in the popular search engines. It indicates that the balance of power has flipped meaningfully in the consumer’s favor.

They can now, find everything about your organization, product, and service. Prospects can educate themselves about a service or a product without ever speaking to a salesperson.

But, it seems complicated when it comes to the salespersons. They need information too. Besides, they have thousands of customers, positioned in different stages of the sales funnel.

Integrated CRM software enables the team members to access all the customer information easily, so that they can know their contact details, buying behavior, purchase history, and other necessary things to conduct a sales process.

This helps you derive better user understanding within the team and audience. It also enhances the lead conversion opportunity.

Be Smart in ensuring data security

As CRM software plays a significant role in data management, it helps you build a target marketing strategy to reach out and procure high-quality sales leads.

Your business and customer data is a highly valuable commodity in the current economy.

If your competitor data procures any new business data, it could directly lead you to lose customers. Moreover, it can also potentially put you into a hot-water situation concerning confidentiality clauses.

This helps you support and strengthen your data-backed sales process to ensure maximum marketing ROI.

Also, it helps you directly gain operational feedback and better efficiency.

You are likely to have 10 different salespersons in your team and they are selling the same product by 10 different methods. Without a mutual model for success, it is next to impossible to tell which plans are working, which are not.

CRM helps you to analyze those things and gives you a collective vision of success.

Use customer segmentation to focus your activities

With accurate data analysis, you can create customer segmentation and can select your target customers for better marketing process.

Here CRM will help you to organize data according to the customers’ gender, age, occupation, location, buying habit, and purchase history. You can run a personalized campaign or targeted email marketing, following the segmented customer list.

Determine and forecast future sales progress

The accuracy of the sales forecast is the strongest pillar of your success. If you identify your future prospects, you can get a huge advantage over your competitors in the market.

When your sales reps make their predictions, they are also calculating their future activities, providing each of them with a marketing plan for managing their territory.

So, sales forecasting is an essential process, done by every organization. CRM plays a vital role in this process; hence without CRM, you can never make an accurate sales forecast.


Today, all businesses need to cope-up with increasing customer demands or changing market dynamics.

Considering all-in-all, your business needs to be much more dynamic and efficient at managing your responsibilities.

Now you can curve the features and priorities of your own CRM according to your business needs.

The CRM software helps you set the features and priorities to meet your business demands.

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