Manage International Employees Effectively With a SaaS CRM

The new wave of the internet and advanced digital technologies has brought with it a different mode of work culture. Today with the global pandemic hitting the business market, remote work or remote customer support has become the new norm. Remote customer support means a group of employees who work away from the traditional working environment and work from the comforts of their home.

Today it is imperative to know how to manage remote customer service. Because this new mode of working culture has been beneficial in several ways. The most important among them is global integration. It has opened new doors for businesses to connect with people internationally bringing regional perspectives and ideas into their business.

A study conducted by Owl labs says that “ 62% work remotely at least sometimes, and only 38% work strictly in-office.”

Working remotely has its benefits as well as challenges. Especially when it transcends regions and time zones. Now the question that arises is how to manage international employees remotely in an efficient manner. 

  • Effective communication is very important to manage your team that is working remotely. Keep them on the loop through video calls, messages, and calls to increase staff retention rate.
  • Document all the processes and protocols once they are newly hired so that employees feel equipped in their new position and new working culture. 
  • Give your employees access to CRM tools. This way it becomes easy for them to track and manage leads, stay updated on projects, stay consistent, etc. 

Therefore, the key to building a successful remote international team is to leverage all the benefits of a SaaS CRM. 

What is SaaS CRM 

SaaS is the acronym for Software-as-a-Service and is a quite popular technology in the market today. SaaS CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) is a cloud-based CRM software that helps in managing businesses’ relationships with their customers. SaaS simply means that software is not stored on any company’s server rather it is managed externally by a provider. For instance, Kapture CRM is a cloud-based SaaS CRM that helps enterprises in maintaining their daily operations. The major benefits of a SaaS CRM are:


  • Access data stored anytime from anywhere
  • Automated ticket management
  • Integrate all business system and makes it easily accessible
  • A secured database management system which is accessible to team members anytime

Several tasks and obstacles are bound to arise while managing a workforce remotely. This could be related to the accessibility of data, time zones, coordination, etc. But leveraging a CRM is the best practice for managing international employees remotely. Now let’s see how to manage a remote international workforce with SaaS CRM. 


  • Seamless Collaboration: Cross-team collaboration and communication is difficult when you have a remote team. At times, their working hours might not match with that of other employees and vice versa. A cloud-based CRM software like Kapture has a centralized dashboard that provides all updated information to the agents and ensures that they are always in the loop. Details like the number of requests, issues resolved, high priority issues, etc. 
  • Knowledge Base Management: A knowledge base is a repository that helps employees access important information about daily functioning, customer’ data, service issues, etc. Kapture CRM provides a centralized knowledge base for your entire team. This helps your remote employees stay updated about product updates, changing protocols, etc. 
  • Secured Customer Database: With a highly secured cloud database that contains all the information about customers, it becomes easy to access data at any time, from anywhere. This helps you to manage your international remote employees easily as they can access customers’ data and all other information seamlessly from their location. 

These are a few tips for managing remote international employees with CRM. CRM software like Kapture CRM provides all-in-one features that help you boost your business to heights, no matter what your working culture is. Therefore, the key is to use a SaaS CRM to manage international teams seamlessly. 

Technology has played a major role in making distance favorable for brands. As you now know how to use CRM to manage remote work, leverage all the benefits of the best SaaS CRM in the market today. 


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