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Know How To Get Repeat Bookings To Your Hotel

Imagine this: You have to travel to another city on short notice on a work-related tour. Since your company was unable to arrange for your accommodation at the last minute, you decide to handle it yourself. You browse through a few hotels on your mobile phone and see a couple of options that fit your bill. You then decide to book online, but before that, you have some questions regarding their payment options and facilities. The hotel’s Facebook and Twitter pages give you an idea about what to expect. Next, you go ahead and call their customer care number for some detailed enquiries. The person at the other end is not only aware of what exactly you’re looking for, but also about your enquiry process and history, and offers a solution. She also mentions that you can book a room right away, instead of going back to the booking page. Sounds cool right? And, not to mention, convenient too!

While you are going ahead with the booking, spare a thought for the smooth way in which your casual enquiry was converted into a confirmed booking, within a matter of minutes. Behind the scenes, enterprise-wide software was hard at work, collecting your enquiries across different platforms, assessing your needs and finally, using all that information to give you what you needed. This is just a small window into the world of hotel management software.

A hotel management software is an integrated business operations tool that takes care of the front desk operations such as booking reservations, check-in/check-out, property and maintenance management, accounting, employee scheduling and customer relationship management. An efficient hotel property management system (PMS) helps fill-up the reservation spots, ensure customer satisfaction and generate optimal profits. It helps in managing all your customer interactions and streamlining all potential leads in a single CRM dashboard, thereby enabling a seamless information sharing and availability.

Let us have a look at some of the features of a hotel CRM software and their advantages:

  • Enquiry Management

A smart CRM solution must help you convert your incoming enquiries into confirmed bookings and manage different operations such as lead acquisition, lead evaluation, lead assignment etc. It does this by integrating multiple communication channels such as email, telephone, online travel agents and travel websites in a single dashboard. This dashboard also collects enquiries from guests and tour operators and allows you to identify existing customers and casual enquiries. It allows you to monitor the lead progression in real time, for example, completed calls and meetings etc. By combining various customer contacts such as their email, social media profiles and phone into a single profile, you are making it easier for your team to deliver more targeted packages and services.

  • Reservation Management

A hotel property management system integrates reservation requests from different online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, email, telephone etc. into a single dashboard and makes it easier to assign each enquiry to an appropriate team member. All this information is easily accessible within the convenience of your smartphone, thanks to the mobile CRM technology. This helps boost sales through direct booking channels on the brand website and increase the occupancy rate.

  • Payment Automation

A hotel CRM software helps ensure faster and more accurate billing for its guests. It can also send automated reminders, payment alerts and invoices that syncs with the customer’s booking information. Customers can make online payments through secure payment gateways when you integrate the local banks or third-party gateways into your invoices.

  • Marketing Automation

A hotel PMS can help you manage multiple marketing campaigns from a single platform. It can help design custom templates for newsletters feedback requests, thereby avoiding the duplication of effort in drafting individual emails. You can track the effectiveness of your outdoor campaigns, print ads, social media events and digital media advertisements, make real-time changes based on performance and customer preferences, and analyse which campaign is generating more ROI for your business. You can improve your service offerings by analysing your customer reviews; even those posted on third-party websites through third-party integration and resolve them in a timely manner.

  • Detailed Reports

By getting account-specific reports, you can get actionable insights into your customer profiles and behaviour. You can analyse which revenue channels are generating the most income for your business. All the data can be filtered according to various metrics for in-depth knowledge. You can also monitor the effectiveness and performance of your employees on the basis of various parameters like reservations made, average daily rate achieved etc.

  • Customer accounts management

With the help of a personalized CRM software, you can bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and customer delight, by automating birthday and anniversary wishes for your clients. This helps your clients in brand retention so that your business will be the first thing that pops into their minds when they are thinking of booking hotel rooms the next time. You can also avoid duplicate customer entries and eliminate confusion by managing all customer conversations in a single platform.

With a cloud-based CRM solution, you can bypass the software and hardware costs you would otherwise spend on complicated technology. Hotel CRM software can benefit the hospitality sector immensely and help make the operations more effective and efficient. 

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