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CRM Software for email Marketing: How to achieve higher ROI

Email Marketing

Do you want to streamline your customer E-mails and return activities? Are you trying to string together too many activities which erode your ROI?

A great way to overcome this trouble is to have an Email marketing approach based on customer segmentation. In this, you are essentially dividing your audience and serving the right emails with customer-oriented messages.

A right segmented email list lets you be more direct and focused with your email marketing activity. In other words, running a targeted email marketing campaign lets you earn a higher ROI.

This involves understanding each customer segment.

As the first step, you should collect and segment your email list. You can do this manually using excel formulae or a customer segmentation tool.

But, why do the hard work? Can’t we just use common email template?

This could be demonstrated using an email marketing template.

Let’s examine a common case where email segmentation makes a significant difference –
E-commerce shopping cart abandonment.

It’s a very common experience to have your shopping cart abandoned by users at various stages of the checkout process. Marketing automation will help you sending reminder emails or messages to these visitors, who once added a particular item to their cart, but didn’t get around to completing the actual purchase.

You can contact them, remind them about the left-behind purchase, or get valuable feedback about reasons behind the abandoned item, or perhaps you can offer a special discount on that particular item.

In the end, you can limit the email message to a particular product or a product list.

Some Ideas about running Optimized Email Campaigns

The customer targeting in terms of messages and timings are large factors that determine the success of Email marketing campaigns.

A well-planned email marketing can also compound and reinforce your various marketing efforts. For example, a successful email campaign can increase your search and social traction and consequently earn valuable inbound traffic.

In order to examine how this falls into the optimization category, let’s first examine the definition of optimization.

Essentially, Optimization means scaling your results by making the best and most effective use of the available resources in your marketing dilemma.

For this, it’s essential to understand the actual customer requirement and appeal to those demands.

An optimized Email marketing will need focused customer segmentation. In this section, you can optimize your Email campaigns by following these criteria’s.

You can segment your audience based on specific parameters-

  • Personal demographic such as age, gender etc.
  • Geographic position, such as nation, province, pin code etc.

You can also filter down based on the aspects of purchase interactions-

  • Psychological difference, such as motivation, personality, buying habits etc.
  • Stages of the sales funnel
  • Buying stage at which the customer journey was abandoned
  • Number of customer visits

Targeted Email Campaigns

Having systemized the entire customer journey, you can adopt a strategy to target each customer audience segment. This also helps you personalize your customer service.

In hindsight, you can create target pools using your aggregated email lists. You can also determine the channels with the highest rate of return.

This helps you map the number of leads acquired through each channel. Further, this helps you maximize the relative ROI for each channel.

The Significance of Marketing Automation

91% of the most successful users agree that marketing automation is “very important” for the overall success of their marketing across channels. The cross channel marketing has become increasingly important in modern circumstances.

Marketing Automation tool

But what are the reasons behind it? What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Marketing automation-

  • Execute marketing plans flawlessly
  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Establish web visibility
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Reinforce deeper customer engagement
  • Manage long-term sales goals

A Marketing Automation tool lets you bring together the science of combining customer data and making deployment of email campaigns easier.

You can also simplify the marketing processes to reduce the risk of errors and data overwhelm. As a result, most of the companies now use integrated Customer Relationship management software to achieve their targeted requirements.

Creating Email Campaign Frequency and stages

E-mail Campaign Targeting

As you may know, the email marketing campaigns are usually a mode to engage the audience. This requires you to deliver emails at the right frequency.

Whether it‘s sending a personalized message or a standard drip campaign, having optimized your email delivery strategy can work wonders with driving conversions.

According to Aberdeen Group, personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rate by 10%. Thus, 96% of companies believe Email personalization can improve Email marketing performance.

In order to run a personalized Email marketing campaign, you need to segment your customer list at first, the CRM software will help you get there.

For example – if you are currently running a garment factory, seasonal segmentation would be the most important thing for your Email marketing strategy.

Logically, you cannot send a list of summer selection of apparel during the January month and vice versa.

With the help of customer information, the CRM software can segregate according to the demographic/psychographic/geographic/ behavioral segmentation of your target customers. This helps to automate your email marketing process.

Creating one-to-one communications through Emails or segmentation based on factors like industry or product, interest will add a point of relevance to your messages and thereby increase your engagement rates.

Achieve Substantial Customer Engagement

It is clear from the previous detailing that a targeted strategy can increase your customer engagement. Consumer engagement also crucially improves your brand loyalty initiatives.

CRM has the potential to take your service or product deeper into the lives of your target customer (existing and potential) in ways that conventional marketing or advertising resources can only dream about.

By channelizing the data in the right direction, integrated CRM system allows you to drive towards advocacy through customer incentives. You can also send the right message which may surprise/delight the target customers.

This works in a multi-layered system helps you sending personalized messages at various levels. This aids you to build stable and long-term customer relationships. It also significantly improves your email open rates and click-through rates.

Hence, keeping absolute track over customer data, you can increase your company’s customer retention by maintaining close relationships with your customers.

Segmented E-mail Campaigns

So, as a definite upshot, marketing automation will help to generate more leads and increase your ROI rate on the long run.


The sales and marketing teams are united by one common purpose– boost revenue. Having targeted email marketing helps you better to appeal and convert your audience.

A structured email marketing strategy will enable you to target and acquire customers with higher efficiency. It also helps you to collect more data, so that you can improve multiple in other areas of marketing.

Once you have an email segmentation system, you can constantly add new emails and improve the strength of your list. You can also merge or further divide the collected lists.

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