Small business technology tools

7 Technology Tools to Ease the Life of a Small Business Owner

Small business technology tools

Being a business owner should be a thrilling and exhilarating experience. It should feel like bungee-jumping from an airplane or walking right into the dangers of African savannah.

But most business owners don’t have the luxury of this on-the-edge fulfilling life. If you are a business owner, you will know that you are getting constantly bogged-down by the complexities and challenges of daily operations.

In the end, you may end-up doing mundane but necessary tasks, instead of investing time in developing business innovations. In this place of being constantly overwhelmed, you simply end-up having not enough time to develop and execute any substantial improvements.

Instead of being constantly entangled by obligations, the business owners have the option of using different automation tools and software’s to streamline their operations and ease the workload. In this blog, we’ll discuss the seven different business automation tools that could simplify the daily life of a business person.

This could help you create a smoother and more efficient way of managing your business.

A cloud-based business management system

Usually, running a business means having to meet multiple obligations and deadlines simultaneously. You also need to understand and manage unexpected situations. In addition, you also need to find time for mandatory team task assignment and other responsibilities. As a business owner, any of these challenges could potentially take away your sleep.

Kapture CRM is a complete business automation platform that has been conceived to manage the multiple challenges faced during the daily operations of a business person.

kapture CRM helps you manage your sales, customer service and operations effectively on a single platform. This helps you achieve smarter workflow and efficient operations.

The inbuilt mobile CRM app provides greater utility and functionality for managing your entire operations.


Account and finance management

As per US Bank study, an overwhelming majority of 82 percent of business fails due to poor cash management. In other words, bad accounting is responsible for closing the shutters and shattering the dreams of a lions share of business owners.

QuickBooks Intuit is smart invoicing software that helps business owners get paid faster. It combines multiple features to ensure that you are on the same page with every customer payment.


QuickBooks allows you to manage all your financial transactions in a single platform, including customers, vendors, employees, etc…

This allows you to manage the following functionalities

  1. Tracking various customer payments
  2. Managing customer accounts
  3. Sending multiple invoices
  4. Creating a number of quotes as per customer requirement
  5. Tracking payment trends and gaining insights
  6. Managing employee payments

This will help businesses work towards ensuring a steady cash flow.

As an added advantage, QuickBooks can be readily integrated with Kapture CRM. Now you can streamline your business operations and financial transactions in a single platform.

Website analytics

If you want me to choose one and only one tool to measure your website performance, it will be google analytics. It’s lightweight, easy to install and basic reports are easy to understand. It tells you the source of your website visitors, how much time they spent on the website and how many pages they visited.

With advanced features, you can trigger actions for each website activity. This helps you track the activities of your website visitors. You can also generate reports about the different traffic generation sources.

Here’s a typical google analytics overview.


If you want to learn more about your website visitors, you can utilize additional tools such as crazyegg, google search console etc…

Ideation and information management

In the current business ecosystem, new ideas are oxygen for your business. Whether it’s about developing new business features or driving your marketing efforts, having the latest cutting-edge business idea could give you the much-required competitive edge.

At the same time, good ideas aren’t usually ‘brainstormed-into-existence.’ They require constant observation and tinkering to develop the ideas that matter in the long-term.

The Evernote allows you to scribble all your ideas in a platform. The desktop client and mobile app sync all your data across the multiple devices to form a single cloud-based note taking the platform to manage all your business ideas.


Similarly, the pocket app lets you manage information across the different platforms and dashboards to streamline more information. Instead of ideas, you can save interesting ideas and read them later using the pocket app.

Image and photo editing

Most business owners don’t have the budget to hire professional designers or photographers. So instead, most business owners make with the low-quality photos or downright dirty images.

The canvas is the ‘go-to’ tool for all your image editing requirements. It removes the learning curve of photoshop associated with creating engaging images and editing photography.


With some practice, you can start creating or editing professional looking images using canva.

Project and communication management

Like the big corporations, small businesses usually struggle to bring everyone under the same page. But unlike the big conglomerates, the SMB’s aren’t usually in a position to afford the inefficiencies and lesser productivity.

Kapchat is an integrated chat system that helps businesses to chat between individual team members or team. You can access a set of similar chat functionalities that are similar to those of messaging platforms such as slack.

Meanwhile, this provides an easy, straightforward way to share ideas and progress of work in real-time.


This is a great utility tool where your entire team can effectively collaborate with each other.

Cloud-based storage system

Whether you are selling a product or service, your customer could possibly ask you a large amount of information. A cloud-based system makes this easy. There are numerous free options such as google drive and Microsoft one drive.

Although this will suffice for personal use, a CRM-based cloud storage system is necessary to satisfy most professional utilities.

CRM-based cloud storage allows you to synchronize and give access to data through multiple PC logins and mobile apps within a single system.

Kapture CRM’s Kapdrive provides free data storage for a growing business.


In turn, this is also more secure compared to the traditional file sharing systems.


In 2018, the business owner should be able to minimize distractions and focus on the essentials. This could be best achieved through compartmentalizing and structuring daily operations.

These seven indispensable tools could be a great addition to your business toolbox to manage an optimal workflow. You can effectively manage their time and energy to achieve maximum productivity.

Kapture CRM is an API-friendly business automation platform that creates an easy way of managing your entire business responsibilities.

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