Is it necessary to have a Ticket Management Software for Helpdesk Operation?

The answer is Yes! End of Blog Post.


But, it is necessary to explain why every helpdesk center needs to use ticket management software and whether the two are mutually exclusive.

Service centers for medium to large-sized enterprises will have the phone ringing off the hook for service requests, especially in businesses like e-commerce where customers are mostly confused and need help with their orders.

And in the present scenario, it is not wise to assume that a customer gets in touch with a big business solely through call. With so many different channels of communication open like Email, Chat, Social Media, and so forth; service centers are obligated to attend to a hundred different requests at one time.

Consider the scenario of a company that sells heavy-duty machinery and home appliances. Customers who purchase these products will need to regularly seek servicing and warranty checks. When the appliance becomes faulty, service centers must immediately dispatch technicians to rectify the issue.

By now, it should be pretty clear that helpdesk not only needs but CANNOT DO WITHOUT a ticket management system.

The Following Points will Provide Concrete Reasons to Support this Claim:

1. Every Customer gets Mapped to a Ticket:

Customers expect to be prioritised and given fast resolutions whenever they contact the helpdesk. But to ensure that this happens every single time a customer drops in, service centers need to ensure that every ticket created for an issue is mapped to a customer so that no contact is missed, and no updates are forgotten.

2. Manage Tickets from different Departments for Better Productivity:

With a customer service ticketing system in place, you can segregate your service agents by assigning them to voice and non-voice departments. Voice agents are auto-assigned customer queries coming through phone calls. And non-voice agents are auto-assigned customer queries coming through other communication channels including Email, Chat, queries through the self-service portal, social media, etc. This helps service centers respond to queries from different channels promptly, resulting in 0 missed queries.

You can also set up an escalation team and route queries coming from high-valued or privileged customers to them so that valuable shoppers are not made to wait for their turn and are not made to repeat themselves every time they call for support.

3. Ticket Reporting:

Service center SME’s, Team Leads, and Managers can instantly pull out ticket reports including All-Ticket Conversation Reports, FCR Reports, and more to analyse the daily performance of service agents.

When you have a large ticket volume, these reports provide pin-point precise insights on where agents are missing out on providing exceptional customer service. Reports such as agent performance reports and FCR reports show agent-wise resolution time and first call closures done within 48 hours. These metrics will enable you to identify and appropriately reward best-performing service agents.


Kapture’s ticket management software is an enterprise-level ticketing tool, part of a comprehensive helpdesk CRM solution. To know more about the online ticketing system for customer support, click here.

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