Kapture CRM Introduces New Trigger Management Feature That Automates Customer Communication

Kapture CRM’s brand new trigger notification feature lets companies create email and SMS notifications to customers and employees alike every time an event occurs.

An event could be anything from an order being placed to an enquiry that is generated. It is pretty easy to set up and can be implemented in just a few minutes.

First head over to partner configuration in Kapture CRM. Then choose the trigger and notifications Icon.

What's New in Kapture 1

Next, choose an event type.

What's New in Kapture 2

After that, select what type of action under the event would qualify for a notification.

What's New in Kapture 3

Then choose the person you want to send out the notification to when an event occurs. You can also choose what form the notification must be sent – an email, an SMS or a notification within the CRM.

What's New in Kapture 4

Next, you can choose the email/SMS template for each assignee. Let’s say when an event occurs the email must be sent out to a customer and an SMS must be sent out to your employee. You can choose which template must be sent to whom from here itself.

What's New in Kapture 5

By automating communication with the trigger notification tool – your business can thrive as the leader in better customer relations.

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