Integrated Sales CRM could make a difference to your business. Here’s how?

Creating an Integrated Sales approach is connecting dots for a perfect sales process.

Let’s examine…

All organizations need to have a functional and optimized sales team.

How do you manage Dropping sales?

Integrated sales benefits

When you see dipping sales numbers, your immediate attention would be to revitalize sales department. It usually involves arranging meetings and discussions of grave nature.

But often this ends-up doing more harm than any good. It simply further punctures confidence and will of your team, even prompting transactions that are not in best organizational interests.

Instead of putting additional pressure on an already depleted sales team, a comprehensive approach is better suited to bring desired results.

This approach is known as an integrated sales approach, creating an unified process to manage different aspects of your sales.

It’s best achieved through an integrated sales CRM process, conceiving a plan and creating a sales channel for optimal conversion. Here are different ways for a CRM application to connect and integrate different sales and marketing activities.

Initializing Communications with a Potential Enquirer

First Communications with a Potential Enquiry

For the first few queries, the consumer will be gauging willingness and ability to understand a client query. More likely, he will be simply gauging effectiveness of finding answers to his/her query.

As time taken for responses and effective replies are measures of communications, you need efficient the tools that makes it possible.

A CRM is optimal for initiating frequent and high volume client communications. A website plug-in could take client requests, with additional stress on servers and communication lines. It also needs you to individually pick-up or allocate each client, meaning additional server loads.

With various social media chats thrown into the mix, integrating multiple social medium’s into a single communication channel is significant.

Marketing team coordination for Systemized Lead Creation

Marketing team coordination for leads

For a sales representative, leads are like rain. It could be sometimes raining leads, but it could only mean that a dry patch is coming.

You can co-ordinate various marketing activities to regularize and segment your bulk lead flow.

With a CRM, you can compare and pre-determine the marketing leverage of each activity. It helps you self-determine an average lead flow from each channel. Afterwards, you can plan ahead lead flow to keep your sales force working at its optimal level.

Marketing and Sales Team co-ordination

Marketing and Sales Team co-ordination

It’s often seen that good marketers are also great sales people. A good marketer also will have through knowledge about the USP’s (unique selling point) of a particular product being offered.

Following these, the sales and marketing team could differ with their USP’s for a considered product. Or they could focus on different features, important for two group of customers. A CRM helps you share knowledge about each customer to an entire audience base.

A sales and marketing team could have entirely different approach towards clients concerning optimal audience selling points.

While a marketing team mostly have access to an online visitor base, a sales team are more sure about personal attributes about clients. A CRM could be platform to consistent exchange information about users in most consistent way.

Organize your Lead Channels

Organize your Multiple Lead Channels

Most businesses separately operate their multiple own marketing channels, while being simultaneously present at all of them. Even in large organizations with large volume of lead and query flow; it’s a common practice to employ different individuals.

Rather an alternative effective principle is to spread the work. Through combining and integrating various channels, you can view all communications single-handedly. It means that all previous communications are now omnipresent.

Communications appearing spontaneous, yet so Planned

Simplify Communications
Have you ever called a top electronics chain and wondered at efficiency of understanding problem and transferring to a suited individual.

They employ automated call management feature of CRM software. As soon as problem is registered, a ticket is issued for a desired department, which in-turn gets assigned to a department.

It gets registered to suitable department and it appears as next task of a software representative. It’s a beauty of the process that manual efforts of only two individuals are involved in process.

The same effective procedure can be used to drive your marketing process.

It’s a usual error that your sales team fails to convey right information on time, especially when it concerns to intricate service information. Without an in-place system for accountancy, you could only end-up answering straight-up and easy questions.

A CRM solves issue through availing through information through a database.

As a potential customer looking for immediate purchase would be asking intricate or specific questions, it cannot be answered this way.

Positioning your Product or Services

Positioning your Product or Services
On his book ‘positioning’, Al Ries describes how finding a place in customers mind is important factor. Right positioning essentially means that you are having right attention with the right audience.

It also helps you determine your niche audience and their preferences. A CRM is a practical tool that helps you integrate market ‘positioning’ into your sales process.

Without having right positioning, all your marketing process could frequently face conflict of interests. Or you could be trying to combine non-compatible ideas.

A CRM helps you prioritize your top requirements for product development and sales activities.

Sales Predictions are made easy…

Prediction Guessing =Data

For running successful sales team, the manager needs to know when they need to aggressively pursue margins and when to be content and approve a presented price. Making these decisions simply on intuition and general idea is often counterproductive.

Aggressive guessing about price tag could instantly loose you many interesting leads. CRM software helps you put a knowledgeable price tag for each product, making them admissible in general knowledge.

As internet audience tends to get more selective about their buying habits, a modern business also needs to have a sophisticated approach towards selling. An Integrated sales CRM gives you optimal tools for running a marketing campaign.

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