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Everywhere businesses are looking to ignite new interests and acquire new customers. For meeting this purpose, rarely do any medium comes as built-for-purpose as Facebook.

For this, you need to ensure that you are having a facebook page with enough popularity. In case your business facebook page is not popular, your valuable posts could be posted on empty either.

If building a website is limited to stringent rules of Google SEO optimization, Facebook provides a more relaxed way for the business to express themselves.

In the online world, the ability to make a difference doesn’t come easy. (Read a few random Facebook posts and tweets.)

As Facebook is used by businesses across Globe, every user has been bombarded with an overwhelmingly generous amount of content. Unfortunately, the quality of this generic content generally seems to be varying from bad to mediocre.

Consequently, Facebook has also developed algorithms to specifically weed-out bad quality content. This makes passé-content have no effect on accumulating Facebook popularity.

For this, Facebook generally requires its business to keep its individuality and emphasize on general popularity.

These are the general reasons why your facebook pages are not popular with general users.

What makes Facebook Pages Unpopular


Decidedly, almost 95% of the world’s Facebook business page doesn’t make it in terms of likes, shares, and general popularity.

With several brand pages and local pages, an average user has to see too many ads at his Facebook profile.

Every business needs to keep its individuality and emphasize on general popularity. And, this requires developing a stratagem for posting on your FB posts.

Most commonly these are reasons for lack of popularity among the audience even after lengthy campaigns.

1. Posts are too monotonous:

Repeat on facebook

As with any other medium, Facebook needs interesting and diverse content. But it’s often difficult considering strict facebook prescriptions about image and description.

Facebook posts or even some famous brand operate under the principle of ‘modus-repetition.’ Or sometimes they just update their latest offers on their Facebook pages.

Also while creating posts on regular basis; one could easily get stuck in a mode of self-repetition, where you are just repeating your previous posts.

There could be a general tone or idea which reflects on a high number of Facebook posts. In these cases, your existing subscribers could see a monotonous tone and new users don’t get interested.

2. Having nothing unique to Say: –


An average Facebook user would have seen hundreds of meme’s, thousands of graphical animation, images and random requests waiting at notification section. For someone who is continually using facebook, there could be digital numbness affecting their view of things.

At the same time, Facebook users are continually looking for something refreshing and entertaining. An organization should be looking to provide unique and introspective content. As in any sector, approaches that were initially considered original are now overused and repelling.

If you are just reflecting on something already said multiple times and/or without additional value, your posts could consistently get lesser attention.

3. Bad graphics/Body Copy:

Even a great idea is innocuous when expressed through bad copy or graphics. As people hardly look at a bad post, you can hardly get traction demanded of your least time and effort.

Always ensure that your copy is assigned and designed properly, with the right inputs. Simple paint images or default meme images may never fly.

If you are using a facebook copy with factual error and spells, then you are potentially spreading wrong information.

4. Bereft of Creativity


You can highlight your product highlights and features all-the-time. You can appeal to consumers buying impulse, but you need to first impress and catch the client attention. A simple idea could light-up your engagement and interaction metrics. Otherwise, you could simply end-up sketching the same pitch many times again and again, without no possible benefit or improvement. You need not come up with an inexplicably great idea too…Possibly you can train your brain to think in creative ways.

5. Lack of Promotion: –


As in any online medium, creating high-value content doesn’t automatically carry a promise of appreciation or visitors, unless it’s properly promoted.

One needs to promote the content in the right social forums and groups, where they could possibly find and connect with similar interests.

6.Posts being overly Cerebral: –


Sometimes it’s easy to go overboard and create simply exuberant cerebral ideas. Yes, lets’ face the truth! We like cerebral ideas at best when they are our own, especially on one’s own Facebook feed.

Instead, you can always find simple ideas to examine and demonstrate your ideas.

Intel, arguably his best argument for creating technical brainy facebook posts. But instead explains products through simple posts.


7. Not Sticking to one’s own Business


The ability to stick-onto one’s own business model is a key skill for Facebook success. You might be tempted to include a variety of topics on your facebook page – including discussion ideas, topics, posts etc…

Once you choose to post generic topics, you are competing with much other business or personal profiles. Instead, you could start simply focusing on one’s own business. It ensures that your visitors will have a relevant fans positive outlook towards your business, instead of attracting random users.

Remember that there could be already enough facebook posts created for that thing right now. Instead, you might be started to need to focus on one’s own business. You may have an opportunity to display your business at innately new ways. But It means sticking onto one’s own Business.

8.Lacking Element of Curiosity

When posting regularly, your regular subscribers may become rather too familiar with your business model. Although it’s clearly a point of envy, your regular users may stop promoting your page as they already know enough of your business.

Considering this, you need to focus on creating an element of Curiosity around your business page. It should appear that you are trying to communicate something new to your business,

For all these, you need to focus on creating an element of curiosity around your business page. It should appear that you are holding something back or have something better to offer your viewers in the future. It makes your posts interesting and spurs possibilities of future interactions.

With your customer spread across the various spectrum, understanding one’s own audience is a much-demanded skill in the Modern Era. Get your in-depth business knowledge for better business performances.

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