Making customer support better

How to Make Customer Support Better

Building delightful customer relationships is something that may sound very easy and simple, but is actually more complex. Most of the CRMs out there may promise you the world, and you end up paying more than the expectation and estimation. 

In the long run and looking at the bigger picture, it may make sense to invest in a CRM that simplifies the most important aspect of the business, customer support. 

However, things take a left turn when the CRM that promised the world to you makes your support processes complex. What most businesses today fail to realize is that customer support agents are doing the best they can to provide comfort, support and even show empathy to customers to help them in any way they can. It’s the system that should back them up and give them the information in the fraction of a second. 

So, how do we make the customer support simpler and better? And the bigger question is what to do when you are struggling with a complex system that seemed gold at start but turned out to be glitter dust?

If you familiarize yourself with this, then chances are you are not the only business pondering this inevitable question. How do I make my customer support delightful?

Fortunately, a lot of CRMs including Kapture are doing a tremendous job in simplifying customer support processes and making an agent’s day better. 

Imagine a system so simple yet powerful enough to give you everything you need. It even tells you what to do when you are stuck with a complex query. Sounds exciting? Let’s take this journey and make customer support better, together. 

Personalizing Customer Experiences 

We often talk about customizing the workflow of businesses to make the process better and adding certain modules to bring everything together. We pay too much heed to customizations because these things matter to make the operations better. But what about customized customer experiences? People crave comfort and familiarity. 

Especially, during the pandemic when half of the world is in lockdown, a customer support representative reaches out to you and comforts you, shows you empathy and tells you they have resolved your issue, all that in less than a minute. This is what personalization means to a customer. Not just the resolution, additional information that tells the user that the business they are purchasing from understands them and values them. 

Embracing the Service-first Approach

We are living in an era where everything is digital, and with pandemic, even more businesses transformed digitally where offering seamless and uninterrupted customer support became vital than ever. CRMs that prefer providing agility yet completely align with your innovative business model can help make support so easy and simple that your agents will never recall having a tough day at work. 

Right now, businesses need the tools and support that help them move forward and fast. Equipping your teams with a system that even tells them what to do and how to respond to a query is so amazing yet still not many businesses leverage this. 

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

Putting your customers on hold to understand the issue and then getting back to them with a solution may have worked in the past, but today, it won’t. Today’s customer knows exactly what they want and how to get in touch with the customer support team of a particular service. If they don’t find the solution anywhere, you can expect a quick chat from the user. However, if the chat is not responded to or worse, the customer is not satisfied with the resolution, you can expect a quick escalation on social media. 

This is where a unified solution can help you. A platform so innovative that it brings all the conversations (of all sorts) to one place and shows you in a way like you are checking your inbox. So simple yet so powerful. An addition to this is your self-serve portal where customers can find their own solutions, keeping the escalation-on-social-media at bay. 

Making Your Customers Smile 

Imagine a complex issue your customer is facing, they get in touch with you and before they even tell you their issue, you resolve it plus show them empathy. Not hours, not minutes, this is an in-seconds job, and all you have to do is just look at the ticket. 

All you have to do is equip your team with a support system which has a simple UI and makes their job easier. 


We all are humans at the end of the day and all we want is a little empathy, a little comfort, and a solution that makes our daily lives easier. 

Building stronger and delightful customer relations is not difficult. If you have the system to back you up, the team can provide quick resolutions making customers happy. You can count on your happy customers because you’ll be having them for life. 


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