Feature Update: Kapture Introduces New UI

A closer look at Kapture’s new UI and what you can expect from it. 

If you are a Kapture CRM user, then you’ll feel more accustomed to our new user interface. This new UI is built on ReactJS which comes with a lot more enhancement and capabilities. Our exciting new UI will roll out soon.  

New Ticket Inbox

Kapture New UI

The new UI was designed by keeping the accessibility in mind. 

It gives the complete view of all tickets, just like your regular inbox, but with tags. So when you login to your account, you see a simple and clean UI that gives you an in depth overview of all tickets along with the sources these tickets originated from.  

Ticket Interface

Tickets originating from different sources can be viewed on a unified dashboard. If a registered customer raises queries from different sources, the system identifies the user and merges the queries in the single thread, regardless of the original ticket source. 

The smaller blue icon on the lower right corner helps users provide in depth information of the ticket so they can understand the queries faster and offer delightful customer experiences


The new and improved unified dashboard has different layouts, so you can understand the data better. It also gives you the functionality to create a custom dashboard in and view the data, all in real-time. 

Create your Own ChatBot Flow

Kapture ChatBot Flow

Today, customization is the key to reach to your customers hearts and provide what matters to them the most, comforting resolutions with a personalized touch. Chat is one of the most frequent platforms customers use to get in touch with you. 

This is why we have given full control to the end user so they can create their own bot flows and customize the responses accordingly. Instant responses which are intelligent, highly contextual, and add value to the customer experience, this all can be configured from our Configuration section. 


Our new configuration section is clean and gives all the options in a list form so you can get started with your configurations right away. 

In addition to that, we have a few more features in store that will roll out soon. The new user interface is minimalistic, informative and will soon be ready-to-use. To see the new UI live in action, get in touch with us here


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