How to create and follow with a Social CRM strategy

How to create and follow-through with a Social CRM strategy?

How to create and follow with a Social CRM strategy

About a decade and a half ago, customer interaction was limited to communication channels like mail, call centers, and company website visits. As technology became more developed and accessible, people started mass migrating to media platforms where they could easily and quickly interact with each other – it was given a blanket term of “social networking sites”.

By adopting these platforms, customers were no longer restrained to engaging with businesses through an impersonal dialogue. On the other side, businesses now enjoyed a pre-constructed market segment to cater to with their offerings. Not soon after, the customers realized that they could bring up queries and complaints and that businesses could respond to each of them personally without the need to go through the more tasking channels.

In the modern context, businesses and organizations must tap into this ever-growing market by coming up with strategies for their sales, marketing and customer service operations, which have been gradually blending on these media platforms. Strategies require actionable data, and social networking sites can be gold mines for this type of data. However, processing all that data requires an information repository from where all of it can be easily retrieved for making informed decisions – this is why businesses must adopt social CRM strategies to better serve their customers.

Locate your customers:

Before you initiate an engagement strategy, you must realize where your customers are populated in order to engage with the maximum amount of people with minimal efforts. If your user-base is more frequent on, say, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can focus your service and support resources on that specific social platform. Use an integrated CRM database to determine these statistics and position yourself accurately.

Being where your customers are lends an atmosphere of trust and transparency to your organization, and when coupled with prompt service, makes them more loyal towards your company.

Monitor and respond to all their queries:

When you have a relatively large customer base, responding to every single individual is practically impossible. Since a lot of the customers will have similar concerns and issues, this calls for a need to merge these identical queries and respond to them with quick, but relevant, answers.

Interacting with your customers on social media provides an instant dialogue with them. Although there are many useful implications for that, it also means that the customers require you to respond swiftly to their queries. To this end, a CRM system allows you to respond with trigger-based messages to keep your customers engaged, and let them know that you’ve received their message and are working for an appropriate answer.

The CRM service tool also allows you to prioritize more urgent and pressing concerns, and the basis of the prioritization can be on popular topics, important individuals or accounts, widespread issues, etc.

Collate the information and improvise:

When you’re proactively engaging with your customers, you’ll constantly receive suggestions or requirements from them. This data is extremely important because it allows you to look at your processes and find places that have room for improvement, to better serve your customers. You can also track the productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction by studying this data.

To provide an example, companies can analyze their customers’ behavior and gauge what they are most receptive to, and accordingly create a content calendar to schedule articles or blog posts that can be pushed at the best times to maximize exposure while also reaching the widest audience.

To summarize, a centralized CRM-based social approach to customer engagement and customer service on social media platforms lets you track your progress and grow with your customers, and align your sales and marketing operations to achieve better results.

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