Kapture Augmenting Reports

How reports and analytics augment your daily sales management

Kapture Augmenting Reports

In the last couple of years, we have seen the core skill requisite for sales shifting from communicative dexterity to precise decision making. Having the ability to make right decisions will increase customer turn-over, rate of customer acquisition and allows you to zero-in on the right prospect.

Today, you can find many tools available for marketing and sales decision-making in the market. But most are content with giving only a partially complete picture. But the limited data will give you only partially complete perspective. And, having partial perspective leads to bad decisions in the long and short term.

Meanwhile, a comprehensive reporting and analytics platform delivers you essential accuracy in daily decision making. Here are three ways, where the CRM reporting and analytics can augment and improve your decision making.

Setting-up Achievable Targets

Having the ability to set-up amicable and agreeable sales targets will incrementally increase your chances of actually achieving them. Meanwhile, a highly figurative sales target leads to de-motivated sales team with lacking interest at their goals. Here, the prescribed incentives may be taken for grapes too high to grasp.


With CRM reports, you accurately track the underlying variables of the market place. Through this data, you can plot and know the optimal target at any specific point of time.

Through building a habit of regularly achieving sales targets, you can build gradual sales momentum. It enables you collect reports on a further time point.

Co-ordinate between Multiple Sales Operations

Having all your eggs in one basket was never a good idea. Today, sales manager circumvent the risk through managing multiple sales campaigns. This brings clarity to your entire sales operations and processes.

Having the ability to segment and run multiple sales strategies, you can follow success of each individual processes. With diversifying your total risk, you can also mostly eliminate the possibility of a total failure.


This process lets manage multiple sales strategies, each addressing specific parts of your business process.

Manage Individual Performances

As your final sales report is a sum total of individual performances, you need to follow and manage employee performances.

With integrated sales CRM, you can follow and improve on each aspect of your sales. It enables you directly dissect employee performance throughout multiple stages of your organization. This also lets you intervene at right time concerning each aspect of your performance.

crm 3With an ability to drill-down on individual performances, you can acquire specific insights on individual contribution.

Having an in-depth sales reports and analytics will augment and improve your daily sales output.

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