Customer Relationship Management

Customer engagement ideas define your client relationships in long-term

Customer Relationship Management

In today’s world, where consumers are being offered the exact same product or a service by a plethora of companies, it becomes imperative to not only proactively improve your product, but also give your customers a reason to stay loyal towards you.

With dwindling customer attention spans, companies now need to focus their resources on engaging their clients in a meaningful way. Instead of aiming to bring in more clients, you should strategize to create long-term customer relationships, which in turn creates substantial feedback loops that allow you to build better products that are more relevant to the customers. Two birds with one stone.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a highly flexible sales software that can be used to prioritize long-term customer engagement plans over short-term customer conversions. The fundamental concepts of customer engagement are :

1. Setup an interactive environment for the customers

With the advent and growth of the Internet and, in turn, the social media platforms, customer touch points have expanded in to the digital realm. Integrating CRM with the digital channel opens up a clear line of communication not only between the company and its customer, but also amongst individual customers. This allows a client to express their needs, opinions and complaints about a company’s products and/or services, which can translate to opportunities and potential leads for the company as well as allow them to improve their offerings to better serve their consumer base.

2. Aim for conflict resolution and positive feedback

Customers are willing to pay more for products and services that are backed by a reliable and trustworthy entity, which has implications that are above simply providing quality and relates to how quick problems and issues are resolved.

Client servicing automation equips the company and the customers with tools that allow them to raise tickets and resolve them efficiently and effortlessly. This dialogue facilitates problem definition, analysis and the eventual resolution, which serves to strengthen customer satisfaction and engagement.

3. Strive for proactive and friendly customer relationships

Once the communication lines are in effect, a company must proactively engage their customers in dialogue to generate context for their daily life and help them serve better. Service CRM allows, for example, a car company to automate call or SMS reminders about imminent car maintenance and even offer to generate an appointment with the manufacturer. This lets the customer know that the company has a support system in place which doesn’t just react, but proactively attempts to resolve issues before they occur.

4. Adopt productive time management processes

Customer satisfaction is directly related to how quickly a company can resolve their customers’ queries and issues. Whenever a customer engages the company through one of their communication channels, the CRM software can generate a log report and automatically assign the ticket to idle or inactive customer service executives. A minimum response time can also be set into the system to maintain accountability. These measures ensure that no customer is left unattended and their concerns can be answered in a swift and efficient manner.

5. Focus on quality, and not quantity

The old, traditional methods of customer engagement followed the principle of meeting timely targets of leads and were entirely focused on tangible parameters. The success of modern customer engagement methods, especially when linked with CRM, is more rooted in intangible metrics, such as reference volumes, customer satisfaction, etc. The basic underlying concept for doing this is that it values long-term customer relationships over short-term monetary gains.

With these concepts in mind, companies should adopt CRM-based customer engagement to build open, healthy and long-term relationships with their customers, which only results in the creation of a reliable and dependable brand, whose customer service values are unparalleled to any of its competitors.

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