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9 Invoice Features That Makes Your Quotations Irresistible And Unreasonable Not To Pay?

Invoice Management Software

Back in the day, every project, be it small or big, needed a separate invoice management software from one’s business and a detailed billing procedure that followed. With changing times and evolving technology, automated responses and templates are the new and in-trend features, which are saving time, making billing processes efficient for both parties and ensuring that business thrives.

The basic features of the CRM are purely intended to ensure that your business can function smoothly by organizing its teams and different departments, to automate the business in the best way possible.

Here are some of the best invoice management software features that are making CRM invoices irresistible:

Database defined

Based on all the information that is entered of the clients, in the CRM database, a quote and/or invoice is generated from that information itself. This reduces your manual task of creating frequent invoices from scratch!

Multiple Predefined Templates

Based on the industry of the client and various needs for different invoice generations, the CRM has its own preset templates, to automate invoices.

Active/Closed customer invoice

You can decide if you are asking for part payments from an ongoing project or for a complete payment from a closed project. These kinds of filters in CRM help you align your clients and their billing procedures faster.

Request for delivery dates

Set your delivery date for products or services, in case the delivery is supposed to be dispatched post payment. CRM can be set in a way, based on your business requirements, to upgrade the order status from payment to delivery, once the invoice is sent.

Set due date

Simply put, with the help of this feature, you can now present date for all the invoices to be auto-generated and mailed to your respective clients.

Update due payment status

Once partial or complete payments are received or the product is being upgraded from the order to the delivery stages, the CRM allows you to track these stages on their invoice features itself.

Generate Receipt

Upon invoices being generated and sent to your clients, the CRM also allows you to generate a receipt of the same and keep track of the transactions.

Demand note receipt

In the case of remaining payments or partially processed payments, you can choose to send a demand note receipt, for the remaining amount, from the CRM invoice and billing feature.

Attachment for existing invoices

If you already have an invoice drafted for a particular client in a pdf or excel format, then uploading it directly and sending the quote or invoice through CRM Is also possible.

Once invoices are sent and the billing procedures for a particular client winds up, CRM also allows you to keep a tab of all the transactions, for various clients and simultaneously lets you update the follow-up and the new status of the order.

From customized quotes to manually managed and edited features, the invoicing and billing features for the client have now become very easy with CRM. Making business transactions and concluding clients’ projects with their invoicing is now easier a task than it was perceived; automated CRM does ensure a smoother, faster and much more efficient process.


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